Who Am I? Bicycle Duo

These photos were with others from my great-grandmother, Gladys Lillyan Winterringer Garner Van Atta Christine Dilley-BicycleGuys.bmp(1899-1973).  We are not sure who these gentlemen are, but what a classy photo!  I really enjoy it and wish I knew who they were.  No relatives have been able to identify them.  Maybe they weren’t that close to the family and my great-grandmother enjoyed the shot enough to keep it as well!
The one on the left could be Ulysses Vanamberg Callahan.  He’s the only Winterringer/Callahan relation who even slightly resembles either gentleman.
Christine Susanne McKinney Dilley
Westerville, OH

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2 thoughts on “Who Am I? Bicycle Duo

  1. Your great-great grandfather, occupation “machinist helper”, lived near Columbus, Ohio in central Ohio in 1900 so I’m surprised that a photo of two young men with classy bikes didn’t send you looking for photos of Orville and Wilber to compare. Looks like a “Wright” match to me.

    Bio and photos

    Orville (left) and Wilbur (right) at an air meet in 1909.

    A Wright bicycle manufactured in 1897.

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