1841 UK Census Now Available at Ancestry.com

The 1841 UK Census has arrived, creating a complete England and Wales Census Collection at Ancestry.com. For the first time ever, you can find information on your British ancestors living between 1841 and 1901–all in one convenient place on the web.

This new addition allows you to search 16 million names in the earliest standardized England and Wales census–the first census in British history that includes more than just a statistical count. It includes details about your British ancestors’ birthplaces, homes, immediate family members, occupations and more.

The every-name index is linked to more than images of the actual census with information about people in your family line. Information collected in this enumeration includes:

  • Location (county, city/town, street name)
  • Name of each Person who abode therein the preceding Night.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession, Trade, Employment, or of Independent Means
  • Whether Born in same County
  • Whether born in Scotland, Ireland, or Foreigh Parts

Start searching the following collections now:

1841 England Census

1841 Wales Census

1841 Channel Islands Census

1841 Isle of Man Census

One thought on “1841 UK Census Now Available at Ancestry.com

  1. The people who worked on this project should be commended. It must have been a massive undertaking. The 1841 census was always the most difficult to slog one’s way through. I can’t believe that they have been able to read some of the pages that I could only barely see because the writing was so faint.

    The drawback, as has been frequently noted, is that the information provided is quite limited. No relationships, no original county of birth etc. However, if you need that census as a vital step in your research, it is extremely precious. I think I finally found one of my FEARNS who had been strolling around London as an apprentice in a drapers shop. By fast forwarding to 1851 I was able to check out the shop owner and was pleased to find he originally came from the same county as my John FEARN. Just a start, but a good one. Now if I can just handle some of that handwriting.

    Beverly, Columbia MD

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