Weekly Planner: Search for New Resources

With so much new content being posted online, it’s easy to miss something of value. Search the Internet and the Ancestry Card Catalog for new or missed data pertinent to your area of interest. Visit the USGenWeb or WorldGenWeb sites for your ancestor’s area, municipal and library sites, local society pages, and message boards. You could find links to new local resources that don’t get a lot of publicity.

One thought on “Weekly Planner: Search for New Resources

  1. I noted that in the weekly journal you have a site for aliens in the state of New York. I have been looking for something like this FOREVER for Florida. My grandfather shipwrecked off Pensacola . . had lived all over the world . . so surely he had to register as an alien. This was about 1878. . and so far I can get no one to direct me to the right place. Who kept this list in New York. Surely Florida has an agency of the same ilk.


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