Photo Corner: Nathaniel Noll, 1837-1908

Natnaniel Noll, 1837-1908Today’s photograph is from James Sunkes, Kettering, Ohio, USA.  It is a picture of his great grandfather Nathaniel Noll, 1837-1908.  He’s looking for some help from you.

Nathaniel was born in Berks Co., Pennsylvania and died in Lafayette, Indiana.  The uniform is unknown.  Any ideas?
James Sunkes

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Nathaniel Noll, 1837-1908

  1. James,
    Nathaniel in the photo appears to be older than twenty + dob 1837 places him into the US Civil War era. I don’t know uniforms of that period but Military Historians or illustrated encyclopedias can be of benefit! Happy hunting! –Ray

  2. My grandfather was in the Order of Red Men. The uniform was quite similar to the one Nathaniel is wearing. It could be a lodge uniform.

  3. James,

    Do you have a larger image of him, or can you mount one on the web? I do not believe this is a Red Men (URRM) uniform, based on the shape of the emblems on the cap and the sash. Also, the hilt of the sword would be a clue.

    David Lintz, Director
    Red Men Museum and Library

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