Happy Holidays

From all of us here at the Ancestry World Archives Project, to all of you –  Happy Holidays!  In this season of giving, thank you so very much for all that you contribute.  Because of your efforts, hundreds of thousands of valuable genealogy records are made available each week, for free, to individuals around the world so that they can discover more about their family history.  Each name you key represents an individual who will not be forgotten to time because of your efforts.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season and that the spirit of giving continues to live in your heart all year long.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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I’ve been keying the California Railroad Employment Records and now I have been involving my husband because he is a railroad historian nut and it’s especially close to us since we live in Southern California. When I was keying in the occupations: Deckhand, Pilot, etc., I was confused and talked to him about it, and he told me that yes, indeed, the RR had boats in the Delta area. In fact, he got one of his books and showed me the exact boat I was keying the records from. So thank you, we can share something.

Happy holidays to all of you volunteers.

Happy Holidays.

I received the “Thanks for Giving” Card from Ancestry the other day.Nice gesture.

I, too, received a “thank you” card for keying–it;s nice to be appreciated!

I also received a thank you card. It is nice to know that our work is appreciated.

If the info is so free , then why does it cost me over $200 a yr.?