New project! Alabama, Death Record of State Convicts, 1843-1951

This project contains death records of prisoners in Alabama from 1843 through 1951.  There are a variety of form types but we are recording the same information from each form.  It is going fast so you’ll want to snatch a few image sets now!

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Sometimes these certificates are hard to read but full of interesting information which makes it easier to key.


Sorry, but keying the certificates of people put to death in the only industrialized nation in the world that continues to practice capital punishment, at a time when some of us try hard to push sadness aside during the holidays, is a bit too much. Not my cup of tea!

It’s not records of people put to death, Sue, or at least I haven’t come across any of those in the records I’ve keyed, but it’s convicts who died while serving their sentence, for instance of pneumonia, TB, etc.

I wish they would add the Louisiana State Prision to the list of records to key… I spent 8 hours at the state archives the other day and 3 of it was spent reading prision registers that I wasnt allowed to touch lol. and I only got thru 1 and a half of another. They have no index….

I am interested in working on this project, however, I cannot find the project listed on the “Download Image Sets” Available Projects list.
Any suggestions on how I can work on this project?

I just submitted three sets of images for this project – all of which were blank!

Donnie: This was a very small project, and apparently popular, so all available sets have been checked out already. There might be a couple showing up over the next week or so in ones and twos.

This is a nit-picky comment, we complain about misspelling, illegibly, and grammar mistakes in our genealogy research. Despite that fact there is less checking for accuracy then there should be. Please fix this blog post.

Rachel: it is always fun to read comments about grammar and spelling which themselves contain grammar and spelling errors.

“illegibly” -> “illegibility”
“then” -> “than”

Also, you haven’t said which part of the blog is in error.

Please replace this announcement blog–death is inevitable, I well know. Every time I open an image set, I see this greeting to excite keyers into keying death records, of inmates who died during their imprisonment. Charles Dickens would’ve had a field day with this project, reminding people of the analogy of imprisonment and death of souls.