Keying Tool Update – Version

As you have likely noticed we launched a new version of the tool late yesterday afternoon.  The first time you open the tool after we have made an update it will take a minute or two for the program to load.

Many of the changes we made are not noticeable but will make the tool run more smoothly.  The most noticeable change in the tool is the addition of a difficulty rating for each project.  We have rated the projects and categorized them as Very Easy, Easy, Average, Advanced and Very Advanced.  So now when you are choosing a project to work on this will guide you in your choice to decide what you are comfortable with.  Other fixes that have been made were to the international and arbitration aspects of the tool. 

Because of your feedback we now have a much better tool and a better overall experience for all contributors.  If you encounter difficulties with the tool please use the View Online Help option to view our Help articles.  From this page you also have the option to “Email Ancestry Support” and reach one of our World Archives Project Support Team members.  In order to contact us please choose one of the World Archives Project options in the “Select a Request” dropdown menu.

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Reader Comments

I have found the new version of the tool very helpful.

I was having problems with the image sets not clearing. They always remained as unfinised sets eventhough they were being properly keyed. The new update cleared all but one of the sets which I hope will be gone tomorrow when it expires.
A little help with manual clearing might be useful.

When entering a value in a field, suggested entries appear and the top entry is dimly highlighted. To select this entry you must first press down arrow then enter to select this entry. It would speed up data entry if you could simply press enter to select the first entry.

If I find that a card (Andrews set) is a continuation of the previous one, the select previous card arrow on the top menu will work, but it will not always return me forward to the one I’m keying on.