World Record Challenge – Update

We are one month into a two month challenge so I thought it was a good time to give you a quick update.  (For those of you who are new and don’t know about the challenge you can read all of the details here:   And, you can always check out our Facebook page for current statistics and news.)

During the month of November 1,960 of contributed by keying and arbitrating almost 2.1 million records.

Way to go!


In a fun statistical twist – 70% of our top ten contributors for the month (by volume) are from the U.K.  This is interesting because only 20% of the people registered as Ancestry World Archives Project contributors are from there.  AND, all of the top five contributors are from the U.K.

If you remember, the top five contributors, from Nov 1st -Dec 31st, are eligible for grant money to be donated, in their name, to a genealogical or historical society of their choice.  As it stands now a lot of money might be headed to the U.K.

Now, I don’t want to appear biased nor do I want to start any kind of a “throwdown,”especially since I’m thrilled with the contribution coming from our  British and Scottish friends – but, since this is the WORLD Archives Project, I’m wondering if there are any U.S., Canadian, or Australian contributors who want to step it up.

If you are a member of genealogy society, spread the word.  Let all your society members know that we’ve still got some grant money up for grabs.  We may be halfway through but really this is still anyone’s game!

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

Maybe it is the don’t go outside time of year in the UK. Isn’t that up by the Arctic Circle?

I’m keying and arbitrating as much as I can. When arbitrating the only records that count for us is when we have errors.

I’ve been keying as much as I can, but am slowed down by some of the records that are very faint and the handwriting is terrible — almost wants me to reject them and send them back, but I keep foraging on (but moaning the fact that my amount and accuracy is being hurt) because it’s important that we try to capture all the data. I can’t devote as much time as I would like because of other activities, like tonight, helping a Cub Scout pack with their recruitment drive.

At the present time it just feels like the UK is in the Arctic circle,lots of snow!

Maybe if there was some Canadian content to be keyed, there would be some interest in keying it. Most of your data is from the US, with a lot from Britain as well. I am, and have long been, working on the only Canadian project available.

I just started doing this about a week ago at night when I get home from work. I picked the only Canadian project I saw (although it doesn’t matter to me which one I work on).

I didn’t know about this challenge before I started. Even if I did, I don’t know if it would matter as I am doing this to help preserve genealogical information for everyone.

I have been keying for just over a year now. I am not looking for speed when I do my keying and have been working on the naturalization records. It seems that a lot of people keying are not doing these projects as they have been on the project list since I started keying. I enjoy the keying in my spare time and try to do some each day. Maybe the steady keyers that do not do thousands of records in a week should be recognized in some way because these people are contributing each day some of their time to get these projects done. A big thank you to all those persons who are steady and slower than those who are fast. I don’t think the weather has anything to do with the UK keyers and they certainly don’t live up at the Artic Circle. I happen to live in Canada and am know where near the Artic Circle.

Connie, thank you for your post, in support of those of us born in America, who have the responsibility of keying names for former citizens of other countries (beyond Great Britain, England, Ireland, Canada, or any English-speaking nation). I live in NJ, where many people immigrated from every known country live, so we are familiar with multiple surnames that are not necessarily English in nature, but not all of them. Out of a set of 7 images, perhaps 3 or 4 are sumitted, and the incorrectly keyed are removed, we don’t stand a chance to be so competitive. That is when my BP goes unstable a little, and back off keying the project I love doing the most, to build up my dashboard count by keying others with more images per set. But, I’ll be stubborn, and work on the nat’s because that is my passion. Asofar as my country’s former sovreignity, I’m not going to get all stressed out by the ongoing competition–just share the love. And, BTW, it never snows in the UK!

Here in the UK we have had the coldest temperatures for 70 years, up to -22 degrees centigrad. Since last Sunday we have had snow on mass. airports are shut, trains and bus servies cancelled. Many places have been cut off. We are told to stay at home and only go out if it is absolutely necessary. So what can we do. We key all day.

It would be nice if you would show records keyed for the last 30, 60 and 90 days, or records keyed by month for the present and two previous months. How are we to know how many records we keyed in November and December if you only show how many records were keyed in the last 90 days?


Taresa Heimer

Although I just recently heard about this challenge, there is no way that I could compete with the top keyers out there. Since I have the ability, I mostly key Italian records which are considered very advanced and they do require more time per record. Although, I can pick up speed once I get a feel for a given town’s data, there are still many fields to populate as these records are very rich in data. I just try to keep my accuracy level in the mid-high 90s and qualify for my annual membership discount. Is there a way to view top keyers per project?

Is ancestry ever going to get Pike county and Henry county for missouri and Pike county for illinois

For the next challenge can we have one to finish all open projects in a set period of time so they could be finished. I feel really sorry for those people who are keying some of the long and laborious projects and never seem to finish. It appears that when a new project is released everyone wants to do it and leaves the rest. It would be great to finish all the open ones – in a month!!!

Has there been a study of Greek Heritage?
Anything Greek.

Cherokee Indian from North Carolina to Oklahoma late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Last name “Neely”. Looking for female Cherokee Indian married into Neely or Cook Family settled in Oklahoma.