New Projects!

Yesterday we released two new projects to key – and I know some of you have already tried them since I was kicked out of the Top 10 on one and am #5 on the other.

The #6 voted on project from the World Record Challenge is the Alabama Convict Records, 1889-1954.  This project is a pretty simple indexing experience – easy to read handwriting on printed forms – so if you need a break from the difficult projects you are keying I would give this a shot.  In addition to the records being easy to key I think you’ll be interested to read what the crimes and sentences are.  (I’m guessing that some of you are as fascinated with crime related projects as I am so this project could move quickly!)

And for those of you waiting for a directory project the New Zealand City & Area Directories, 1866-1955 is just right for you.  Plenty of typed names on the page make this easy but a little more time consuming to key.  There are four different directories in this project so you will see the format of the pages change as we work through each series of images.  There are a few changes in how we are keying this project that some of the directory projects in the past so make sure to read over the Project Instructions and wiki article carefully. 

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

I am please to see the first New Zealand project. I have a special interest in this project as I have been researching the NZ line of our family.

No special interest in New Zealand records, but wonderful to see some records for NZ finally represented.

I know this is from a while ago, but great to see New Zealand records finally being included.

Well done Ancestry!

Loved working on the Alabama convicts project, very interesting piece of history. Got me back into the groove to work on more projects for ancestry.

Why was the New Zealand City and Area Directories discontinued? I loved doing it! Will it be back soon?