It’s A Race…

Would you really like the latest version of Family Tree Maker?  Have you always wanted your dad to take a DNA test so you can find genetic cousins and expand your family tree?  Maybe you would like to publish a little family history book or a calendar of pictures of your grandkids in time for the holidays?

What if you could have one of those things for free?

Tomorrow – Friday, October 22nd – we are starting a 10 day mini-challenge involving the British Postal Service Appointment Books.  The individual who keys and/or arbitrates the most records in this project from Oct 22nd through Oct 31st will get to choose their prize from the list above.

Be sure to read the project instructions found here.  And the race is on…

Until next time…Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

It’s a shame you don’t do this for other projects. Some of us stick with one project, and don’t like to wander until that project is complete. If you spread the joy around, and did this for those other projects, we could participate, too.

I think it’s all right to encourage people to try a project that has been going kinda slow….

Oh dear, and at half-term! I don’t think I’ll have much time for keying this week, sorry.

Ooooooh! Exciting! I want the new FTM!

Gee Crista, that’s great, sort of spreading the love . . . but I’ll be racing to finish my adopted project, in the U.S. I do have the latest FTM software, and will be speeding up on my promise to at least one first cousin, not to mention my brothers and sister three years ago, to present them with one awesome book about our shared paternal lineage. A really super incentive would be a free world subscription during November or December.

Asofar as pricking Dad’s finger, well, that’s really not a possibility, but I have fond memories of gatherings with his seven brothers and three sisters, and their 30+ children (and their children, etc.) It would be sweet to make good on my promise–sometimes I wish I could key faster!

Have the prizes for the summer challenges been sent out to all winners? If not, then when will they be, and how long should it take to arrive? I wrote you my address in early september, but have not received the kit yet. I will be away from home for some time, so won’t be able to take it…

Curious, my contribution was showing and on the wiki for this project it now seems to be stuck at zero? Is something broken?

Kristina, check to see if you are logged in. If you are you should see your username in the upper left of the screen.

I was logged in, then I logged out and back in again to see if it was a glitch but it was still at zero 🙁 And I’ve done a bunch of pages

It’s still at zero today.

I hope accuracy is being taken into consideration.

Five days into our 10 day mini-challenge and our top keyer/arbitrator has completed 3,777 records on this project. There are more than 10 of you “breathing down her neck” and many more not far behind. It still is anyone’s game.

@Sue – Sounds like you have some amazing family history projects going on. Thanks for sharing.

@Balazs – Summer challenge prizes have been sent out. I’ll follow up on yours and see where it’s at.

@Kristina – Can you email our support team and have them take a look for you?

Hey, Sue. The DNA test doesn’t use blood. It uses an inner cheek swab from the mouth. Also, it doesn’t have to be your father for the Y-DNA test. It just has to be a direct male descent from the same line. For example, your father’s brother, your brother, or a male cousin who is the son of your father’s brother, your father’s father, your father’s father’s brother, etc. Though, I wish I could afford the DNA test because I don’t know if my great-grandfather’s father was his biological father or adoptive father. According to my dad, who heard it from his dad years ago, my great-grandfather was adopted and his older brother kept the original last name. But I can’t find any records confirming or denying this, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.

Congratulations to Gillian from Lancashire, England. She indexed 8,760 British Postal records during our 10 day mini-challenge.

Gillian – Look for an email from with instructions about how to claim your prize.