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Earlier today we released Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post Records, ca 1878-1945 for keying.  I have to admit that I had to do a little research into what GAR was and here is a small snippet of what Wikipedia had to say… (This explained why I was keying records for 62 and 70 year olds!)

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army who had served in the American Civil War.

Everything I have keyed thus far has been relatively simple to key with the mandatory handwriting challenge here and there.   I am expecting a few more people to join me on the top keyer list soon – if you key more than 19 records you’ll be the top keyer, well, at least for a short time.

Happy keying!

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I am so pleased to see this one released for keying. My husband’s great-grandfather, John Moul/Mouls/Moules, was a member of GAR. I would loved to be keying with you but I am currently keying California Naturalization records. Anyway, good luck with the “writing.”

Interseting records to work on but I’ve come up with a newspaper report which must have 200 ???? names on it. What do I do ?

Frances. I suppose work through it….. 2oo isn’t so bad. There were upwards of 14oo on some sets of Sands city directories (now done)

I am going to be known as Ms off topic!

Does anyone know of a way to get data bases all ready on line with Ancestry corrected? In the 1920 Census, the transcription has mis-spelled a family member’s name quite badly, and if I hadn’t looked at the image I would have never found that record (fortunately he was next door to another family member).

The scan doesn’t look that bad, it was poorly transcribed.

Yes, provide alternate data. There’s a button for that.

Unless you mean something wholesale rather than retail… Yeah, you can provide alternates for all the names in a series of pages one at a time. I’ve done so on occasion. If you see a series of poor ones, you can send an email to main ancestry support. They will give you a stock message about how it will take a while to correct due to individual rescanning (cough!), and research.