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This week Darla, Anna and I spent quite a bit of time sorting through all of the great information we collected as we traveled from conference to conference over the last several months. We met many of you.  We also met with leadership from several genealogy societies here in the United States. (You may not be aware that over 30 societies have partnered with us to sponsor various keying projects.)

Everyone provided us with great feedback and some interesting insights into the larger genealogical community. We, of course, drew our own conclusions based on the information we received and began making exciting plans for the future of the Ancestry World Archives Project – both immediate “What’s Next after the World Record Challenge” kind of plans and also long-term “How do we continue to grow our community and keep people engaged” kind of plans.

But, as we were talking this week, we realized that maybe the people we spent the summer talking with were only a portion of the picture. So, we want to give you an opportunity to share your experience and perspective.

Let’s start with this brief survey. It should only take a few minutes. Your responses are completely anonymous. And we think your answers will really help us clarify some of our perceptions.

You can find the survey here:


We will likely ask you more questions in the future. This is just an immediate area of interest. If you have other things to share with us, feel free to leave comments here on the blog or over on our Facebook page. We really appreciate your feedback.

And, above all, we appreciate your continued contribution to the Ancestry World Archives Project. Your time and efforts and skill are helping people find family history information that has never before been this accessible. With the launch of several of the community-keyed naturalization indexes this last week we have already heard dozens and dozens of success stories. People are connecting with their families in amazing ways. So, thank you and…

Until next time – Happy Keying!

P.S. – The survey link will only be active through Wednesday, September 15th. So, click on over there now. It should only take 3 or 4 minutes.  Thanks!

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Reader Comments

As I find keying relaxing after a stressful day, I give my free time whatever the condition. I am not keying more or less whether there are competitions or not.
Also the projects I am mostly keying German records now, because so far their is not much online and researching my German line is quite difficult, unless I contact the places book a “chair” as it is called, travel there and spend hours searching the old record books, if they still exist. So I would find it very helpful finding more of these records online.

I would so LOVE to see some more Irish records available. I know there are some indexes elsewhere but I like the way that ancestry links the indexes to the original images. I have quite a few Irish ancestors – I imagine 50% or more of Australians could make that claim!
Bring on the Irish records – I’ll key them!

I would like to see a few Welsh records.

MORE Irish German and Welsh records. And French!

As others have already indicated, I would also appreciate having access to more foreign records. As a volunteer, my focus has been to key Italian records since that is where my genealogical interests lie. Even if the records I am keying aren’t directly applicable to my own family research, I derive great satisfaction in knowing that I am helping someone else find their ancestral roots. I hope that all of the regions of Italy will be represented on soon.

I also would like access to more foreign records, especially from Europe.

I think that you really should ask more things than are “you part of a genealogical society and why or why not?”.

There is only so much insight to be gained that way.

You won’t find out what people think of WAP, what they expect, what they like, and what have been the shortcomings. And what can be done better. And no multiple choice, you won’t get real answers that way, just statistics.

Me, I generally tell you what I think en emails, and you get emails for others too. But you haven’t really put the general question out there.

I think this survey is targeted towards people who are part of genealogical societies, with further questions in case they are.

I am fairly new at this, but I have been enjoying adding to the public resources.

This is kind of a vague answer, and I know everybody has their own favorites, but I find myself being more enthusiastic if the data is interesting to me.

I really enjoyed keying the Consular wedding records, and I would enjoy doing more of this or a similar topic. From all over the world and almost 100years, the data really sparked my imagination

I would love to see more Directories, I started at the end of JAX and really don’t see anything that I can do here.

Agree with all who call for more non-U.S. records to be added. I’d especially love to see records from Canada (esp. Maritime Provinces/Acadia), Ireland, France, Belgium, England. Would be happy to key such records.

I think should add more non-American records. I myself have traced my ancestry back past America. Since this is Hispanic Heritage Month, I think it would be a great idea to get some records from Spain or Mexico.

Personally, I would like to see more Swedish records, since my great-great-great grandparents were Swedish.

Also, I’d like to see more English records. My other great-great-great grandparents were English and I found the wife in England as a child, but not the husband.

I would also like to see more marriage records. I had fun keying the London, England, Crisp’s Marriage Licence Index. But, unfortunately for me, I was only able to key a few image sets and then a few days ago I checked to see if there were any more to download and there weren’t, even though on the Dashboard it stated that the project was only 88% complete. I guess all the image sets for that particular project had been downloaded, both for keying and arbitrating.

I also liked keying the Naturalization Indexes. Will there be more of those to key? I liked those projects because they were so easy and quick to key. I think my first project was S. California Naturalization Indexes. I had fun keying those.

JessieC and Everyone,
To view upcoming records go to the world archvives wiki, in the search bar type in “testing” and click search. It shows all the upcoming records. Two new ones are the INS Case Files and Delaware Naturalizations from 1792-1850.

Hi when I had my old windows laptop, I did enjoy doing the W’ A’ project. I was told by Ancestry about a year ago that you were in the process of making it usable via imac. I’m wondering if any progress has been made as I can find nothing in your help sections.
Regards Maree

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