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Yesterday we released the New Mexico Territorial Census, 1885 to be keyed.  (This collection came second in voting for the World Record Challenge.)  This project is rated as average mainly due to the quality of the images – although many of the images are pretty clear there are some that are darker and you’ll want to use the Image Options to adjust the image so you can see it more clearly.  As a little background, entire household censuses were taken in 1885 in Florida, Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico and Dakota Territories.  Read more about this project and instructions on how to key it here.

And late last week we launched an update to the U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 database that included the following states keyed by you: Southern California, Northern California, NYC, Pennsylvania, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska, Connecticut, Washington and Montana.  These projects represent almost 3 million new records to search and I have already heard from many people who have found their relatives in this database.  Congratulations!

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Reader Comments

Wow! New Mexico must have been very small. There’s not one set left on Thursday morning! (9-9)

I think I blinked and missed it!

Gretchen, Marion,
I still see 1900+ image sets. Are you looking at the Arbitration queue? (I know I have done that before! :))

I can,t see any of this new mexico census either shame cause I really enjoy doing census returns

They aren’t showing up for me, either! I checked both the keying list and the arbitration list.

Same here! Their Gone.

Sorry Anna, they are still not there, either on keying or arbitration.

The New Mexico Census is not showing up on my keying tool either.

The are showing now.

Yeah they’re here but boy are they messed up. I’ve just started my first image. Surnames are turning red even when the name is in the dictionary. Ages and gender are turning red. Places of birth are turning red even when they are in the dictionary. Maybe this needs another looking-at?

Finally got a set to arbitrate, and it was names only (no header). What’s up with that? I couldn’t find a way to add a space for the correction. Also, whenever I corrected “W” to read “B” in the race column, the “B” turned red:(

I started one of the New Mexico Census forms, but I’m finding it very difficult. The downloaded page keeps moving every time I move from column to column. I get it set just right for reading and the next thing I know, I have to re-adjust the downloaded page. Does anyone know how to stop it from moving?

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unable to get census & voter info at times or turn on any other info.

I,m on the 14 day free trial. When iI try to get immigration info, I keep getting a notice to sign up to the 14 day free trial.