Yay! Two new projects have “gone Live”…

Over the past few days we have had two projects added to Ancestry for all to search.  Both Andrews and Sands were pretty large projects so they were being keyed for quite a long while…but the time was worth it since there are now 1.27+ million more records available to be searched.  With a combined total of 5966 contributors (5147 who keyed Andrews)  there are many of you who need to give yourselves a pat on the back!

Andrews, aka England, Newspaper Index Cards, is a collection of newspaper clippings, and transcriptions, pasted onto index cards detailing births, marriages, etc.  I still recall keying the announcements for the death of a serviceman and less than a month later the birth of his son; my heart ached for the young wife.  Although these records were not the easiest to key it was definitely worth the time it took to bring these events to life. 

Sands, aka Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index, 1861-1930, was our first directory project.  In Australia directories are key to family history research due to the lack of census records.  Through the years of directories one can track their ancestors through time – knowing where they lived and possibly the names of their spouses.  With Sands 2 being complete we’re looking for a new project – keep your eyes peeled! 

And we were remiss in celebrating the release of Perth, Scotland, Survey of Inhabitants, 1766, 1773 which was live on the site in July.  It has been a busy summer, hasn’t it. 🙂 


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Reader Comments

As Andrews was the collection I keyed and arbitrated during last winter, I have been eagerly awaiting seeing the finished result. Because of the nature of the reocrds it was a very interesting collection to key.
Since then I’ve not found one I enjoy as much, so sad to say I’ve not been as active
Admittedly there were times when it brought a tear to your eye learning of the fate of families and subsequant distress. The messages asking for information of missing soldiers and loved ones.
The whole collection gives a more intimate insight into the lives of our ancestors than some of the routine records. I would urge contributors to see if there are any of their ancestors amongst them. My brief look hasn’t revealed anyone in my family yet but I’ll keep looking.

There have been 10 new projects that have gone live so far.

Ten projects? I count thirty.

Ten NEW Projects

Congratulations to everybody who worked on these.
I only did a very small number of the Andrews.Found a clipping of two brothers who were pilots.Both killed early in WWII.

Within what timeframe is New, exactly? I joined wap at the tail end of Alabama census. at that point there were no live projects….

Thank you.
I was waiting for the Sands Street Directories going live, so I can trace ancestors. I have found all three I was looking for.

I just had a look at the Andrews Collection and found the announcement of the Death of my husbands Grandfather.
We had his death year, but not the exact date.
Thank you. Brilliant Collection.

I’m so pleased that Andrews has gone live. I keyed & arbitrated them exclusively from the beginning & thoroughly enjoyed them. I know they will be of immense help to family researchers but not to this one! I eagerly typed in my research name but only got one hit, which is one that I had arbitrated anyway…what are the odds?

Elisabeth, I am so glad the records we’ve keyed have brought you success! What a reward for everyone who helped key these projects.

Harriet, We are always looking for more great projects. I’ll see what we can do.

Within the Last few days, you havent noticed the jump form 20 to 30?