Dueling Keyboards

Before I head out to the FGS conference for the rest of the week I wanted to say a quick hello and show you the latest video circulating around our office.

Click here (and be sure to turn up the volume):  Dueling Keyboards

We’re taking the final weeks of this competition pretty seriously.  We’re so close to our goal we can almost taste it.  And we’ve found that challenging a friend, co-worker, or spouse is a great way to keep us all motivated.

What motivates you to keep keying?

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More city area directories

The “Seaman Protection Certificates” have me motivated. A good number of my descendants were lost at sea. I’m hoping to come across some NICHOLS.

Many of the early certificate files contain affidavits of incidences of seaman being “impressed” by the British.
Can’t wait ’til I can search these records on Ancestry.com

Affidavits about shipwrecks, also.

Should read “ancestors” not “descendants”. dah

I am keying because others before me keyed information that I have used. I am returning the favor so that others can search the information that I am helping to key.

My first project has been the Index of Jews. When that project is finished I am going to pick a project that may contain some of my ancestors!

What happens to the projects that dont win the voting?

I’m keying because it is a way to preserve history. In many cases these are the last traces of lives, families and a whole culture.

I can’t see the dueling keyboards. I don’t have Facebook…does that mean I miss out?