Keying Tool Update – Version

We have recently released a new version of the tool.  Enhancements were made to the keying tool, both for keyers and arbitrators, and errors were fixed in the international versions of the tool.  Although the developers have been working hard many of the fixes and enhancements are not openly noticeable.  Three areas that will affect all contributors are fixes to the dictionary and Help Tips and enhancements to the cancellation process.

If you are currently signed in to the tool you will need to log out and reopen the tool for the new version to be loaded and to take advantage of the new features and fixes.   Please submit help issues and/or feedback to our support team.

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Reader Comments

The new version has fixed many of the problems that I reported. Thank you for listening and correcting the areas that we fill need to be improved.

I second Darrell’s comments. The update has streamlined the arbitration process. It’s great!

I would suggest that when you either click on a choice from the drop down list or enter a number of your choice, it would automatically advance to the next space. as it is, you have to hit the tab button after choosing the correct state, or country, or month. it is just one extra step that seems unnecessary. Thanks.