Have You Voted?

There are just a few weeks left in our big World Record Challenge.  Since June 1st you have keyed and arbitrated over 6 million records, won some prizes, and (hopefully) had some fun in the process.  I’m pretty sure we can smell the smoking keyboards all the way here in Utah!


But, we aren’t finished yet.  We still have 2 million records to go to meet our goal.  So, let’s put our hands together and key, key, key!

Oh – and one other thing – you may have forgotten:  As part of the challenge you get to vote from a list of ten projects, which records we will release for keying come September.  You get one vote for every 100 records you key.  And, as of right now, there are over 3,000 outstanding votes.

Our top two projects are neck in neck.  But, with that many votes outstanding our third place project isn’t out of the running yet.  Be sure to check the voting tab on the bottom half of your Keying Tool home screen and cast any outstanding votes.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

Please release some more projects for keying. There’s hardly anything to choose from.

There’s 32 active projects. Seems like a lot to chose from. Not that I’d mind fresh blood.

With the plethora of projects available to key, I am not sure whether Kathryn’s statement was stated as “Tongue in Cheek”, or not.

I usually pick a project and try and stick with that, at the moment the Police Gazettes. Very interesting, much to read and keep you busy.

They are all great fun.

I’ve had a fantastic summer keying what’s the chances of another challenge in the winter to while away the long nights?

What was the secret project for July? If it was mentioned in a post, I’ve missed it. Just curious . . .

(1) Kathryn – Check to make sure you don’t have any filters set that might limit you from seeing all of the projects that are available. Click the “Clear All Filters” button on the top right of your download screen.

(4) Dawn – We are working on something a little different for the last three months of the year.

(5) Amy – All project winners are listed on our Facebook page at: http://bit.ly/AWAPWRC

Apologies, I did have a filter set and didn’t realize it. I’ve only been seeing 6 projects for the last several weeks.

I think it would help so much if, instead of just saying a person’s accuracy is __%, you could tell each keyer why they had such a disastrous accuracy rating. On one item I just finished arbitrating, the parts of the project that were typed were almost 100% accurate, but both keyers typed only the husband’s name and did not key the name of the wife in brackets following his name. I believe most keyers would be more accurate if they were more aware of what was expected of them ….. I know contacting each of us would take time, but nowhere nearly as much as arbitrating items that require a change on each and every line. The item I just arbitrated was a directory, so completely straightforward to read and key, yet there were over 500 errors on the 2 pages. I am sure the keyers would not repeat those errors if they were aware of what they had done wrong.

Joan, most project that I have worked on some wonderful people have put together “Keying Help” for the projects. These are a great help and I print mine out and keep beside my keyboard for easy reference.

Now the problem is, I do not think people read them or refer to them, or are aware,at times, that they exist, likewise with “Help Field” on the lower left of a project screen.

What would be helpful, is, if new keyers and arbitrators could be directed to “Keying Help” available for projects that have this file available.

Check our the “Keying Help” for the New South Wales Police Gazettes, which our member Kay has put together on the Australian records, difficult to go wrong with the instruction that have been put on this file.

Speaking of accuracy, can anybody tell me what the average accuracy rate is? Or what a “good” accuracy rate is considered? I started doing this about a month ago, and I have a 92% rating, which I am assuming is an OK rate, but maybe not fantastic.

I would like to know where I stand

Jmstott, you are doing just fine. If you can keep that up after just one month, it took me many months to get to your level.

Remember that this only reflects the set that went to arbitration. Sets that match are not arbitrated.

If a person knew exactly what was expected of them, once they had typed something and proof read it before submitting it, I see no reason for any accuracy rating less than 100%.
There have been a lot of “Justices of the Peace” in items I have arbitrated lately. A lot of people type “JP”, an equal number type “J P”, and a very few still type “J. P.” The computer insists that the arbitrator choose one of those as correct, the others wrong ….. so one of the keyers is going to have a reduced accuracy rating even though no mistake was made. There are more examples of those kinds of “mistakes”, I believe 100% accuracy is not possible with the amount of instructions we have.

Joan, I also agree with the JP problem, we are told to key as seen, so if you type J.P. technically you are correct, we are told to leave out the full stop .. so we do, as you say then JP or J P. But then the drop down in suffix is J P. So that is correct.

I have a habit of keying JP, and have to correct myself continually. It also comes down to the arbitrator. I have noticed that many arbitrators are not keyers.

Would love to know if 100% accuracy is achievable.

Gail: Yes 100% is possible, with *extreme* difficulty. On Clear typewritten or typeset records. Over a long series of records, it becomes very, very hard.

Handwriting: no. Those top out around 97. If you get nice writing.

All arbitrators have been keyers; it’s just how it works.

Jmstott: “good” depends on what you’re doing. 92 may be a great score on some projects, not so much on others.

Joan: the JP issue is not statistically an accuracy killer. It’s worth maybe 1/4 percentage point. JP’s being rareish.

Now Missing Stuff, getting street names wrong…that’s a killer.

I have long wished for some feedback on my errors. The last time I tried the message board I received no answer. I know I could do a better job with a little help.

I have a few credits I can use for voting; however, there is not a selection below to choose from nor a vote now button. What am I missing?

Julie (#16)
Most likely you are not seeing the whole window, you can scroll down a bit. and reveal the options and “vote” button.

Evelyn (#15) We have all wished for that. I’m sorry you got no response on the board, could you re-post your question, and we’ll see. (Tell us what projects you’re working, and ask some specific questions). Also, re-read the field helps and check the wiki pages for the projects you’re working on. That often helps.

#17 Scrolled — No options. It’s amazing.


Also check the tabs to be sure that you got the right one selected

if that’s no good,
Contact awap support


and hope they get you straightened out before this closes.