Some Ancestry World Archives Project milestones

We just wanted to share with you some of the Ancestry World Archives Project milestones reached through your efforts so far:

  • Already we have over 1,000 active keyers
  • More than 200,000 records have been indexed
  • Our top keyer has indexed over 28,500 records
  • The Wisconsin mortality records project is more than 60% complete and on track for a September completion date
  • The 1885 Nebraska State Census project is now 9% complete

Thank you for joining us in saving the world’s records!

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Reader Comments

I wish I had the option to work on the Wisconsin mortality schedules. All that’s available to me currently is the 1885 Nebraska census, and the scans are so terrible, it hurts my eyes to do more than one set at a time.

I agree with DeeDee about the 1885 Census records. They’ll be a long time being done as they are so difficult to read and I’m sure that what we are doing isn’t as correct as it should be.

I agree with DeeDee & Sheryl 100%
I have trouble trying to reading them also.

Gee, ladies. I have to agree with you about the terrible state of the Nebraska 1885 Census. Now imagine doing the same page three times and NEVER getting it to save. I’ve left a message for Tech Support. Just be happy you can do the work and know it will be there when you come back to it!

I’d like to echo the sentiments shared about the 1885 Nebraska census being almost unreadable. That wouln’t bother me too much except I have no idea what is happening with the data once we submit. The potential for inaccuracies is high, and I wonder who is going to sift through all of it and clean it up.

I agree with everyone here!
On the lighter side, I’m sure I’ve “christened” the 1885 residents of Nebraska some new and original names! It’s a good thing there are people checking this!

Will someone go back through and enter the mortality side of the records. There was no way to flag info on those pages?