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We know that many of you will be excited when you see the new list of available projects – we have added the England and Wales, Criminal Registers, 1805-1892!  The main difference between this collection and the Middlesex (England) Criminal Registers is that this collection covers the rest of the country so there is more to read, and key.  These records are incredibly interesting to read and are a great lesson in the history of the English judicial system.

 If you would like to view project specific help and sample images please visit the project page.

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Reader Comments

When will the England and Wales (as opposed to Middlesex) Criminal Records be available to view in order to transcribe?

Anna I have downloaded the software required to transcribe records and would be interested in the criminal registers. When I select the image sets button this category doesn’t appear..Am I doing something wrong, can you point me in the right direction if I am. Thankyou

I too am wondering how you can get the criminal register image sets. It is now appearing on my list of available sets.

sorry, previous post should read “not appearing on my list etc”

I am also wondering where the criminal register has gone. I have transcribed one set but when I went to download next set both registery’s had gone. Has it been fully transcribed? Thanks

I was enjoying the criminal registers, today I am only getting American sites. I dont mind but please explain

I too was really enjoying these and whilst happy to transcribe american documents it was good to feel able to work on some of our own

Hi Anna,
Just started on the England and Wales, Criminal Records 1804-1892, I’m very lucky because they are from my county. However, I find the message regarding sentencing a bit ambiguous:- “Please ignore the lenght of sentence. If there is more than one punishment, like ‘Whipped and imprisoned for 6 months,” please record the sentence that does not belong in other. In this case, record imprisonment and ignore the whipping.
I cannot find another heading for ‘other’ the only options are ‘imprisionment’ or ‘other’. So which should it be, in the case of both?
Thank you.

I am very surprised by the numbers of death sentences and that these are often for stock stealing….hard times…I am sort of amazed any of us are here.
This will be a great dataset when it gets out onto Ancestry.

I’m doing the Crimal Record sets. Am I correct in marking the sentences as ‘Death’ (the original sentence) when they have been commuted to life imprisonment or transportation?

I too was wondering what happend to the criminal records and cards image sets from English records. Have they been completed? Will there be any other sets that need transcribing from England and Wales?