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Yesterday we launched three new projects, Consular Reports of Marriages  (these records record marriages abroad that were reported to the U.S. consulates), California, San Diego County Burial Permits and California, San Diego Mortuary Records.  All three projects are pretty straight forward and easy to key and have a mix of typed and handwritten records – so if you’re looking for a new project to spend some time on these three are all great candidates. 

One change I want to point out is that we have changed the Location field standards for these projects – and future projects.  The instruction of “Key as seen.” is given and what this means is to key what is listed in the particular location listing on the record with the exception of entering periods.  We will no longer be using semi-colons to separate locations, unless stated to do so in the Field Helps.  Here are a few examples. 

1. If the record states the place of death was 854 Tenth St you should key it as 854 Tenth St – exactly as seen. 

2. If the record states the place of birth is New York City, N.Y., U.S.A it should be entered as New York City, NY, USA.  The only punctuation removed are the periods.

3. If the record has the burial place as Mt. Hope Cemetery it should be entered as Mt Hope Cemetery.

4. If the location of shipment is listed as Los Angeles, Cal. it should be entered as Los Angeles, Cal – leaving off the period. 

These projects will all be using the U.S. Records – Other message board.  If you have questions please email our support team,

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Reader Comments

What about the Perth Scotland Survey of Inhabitents, 1766 and 1773. That was released a few days ago.

Should we begin keying and arbitrating all the projects that were around before this rule with the new standard? Or finish them off the way the rule used to be?

Oh nevermind. For some reason I skipped right over that part.

Wish this had been posted BEFORE the records were posted for keying and arbitrating, and people had already completed many. Please, next time, put the instructions out there before the projects. Thanks!

Please can we be permitted to type San Diego without it going ‘red’ only to find that if you F12 San Diego is listed.
Also,if you want Male/Female typed in full please can you remove M and F from the drop down list?
Agree with Dale… instructions at the same time please?

What about the German project Index of Jews who’s Nationallity….

How should Berlin-Charlottenburg be keyed. I keyed and arbitrated like this “Berlin Charlottenburg”
Hamm/Westf as Hamm, Westf
Guetersloh, Krs Wiedenbrueck as it is?
Please advise.
Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback.

We are working to fix the dictionaries but I think these projects may be completed before that is done.

All of the image sets for both California projects are already checked out! These projects may set a new time record for the quickest projects to be completed. 🙂

Elisabeth, and all,
To answer your question it would depend on which project you are working on.

For these new projects, and future projects, you would key the names as they appear on the image. Hyphens have generally always been accepted but we have at times separated multiple locations with semi-colons.

Berlin-Charlottenburg and Hamm/Westf would be keyed as they are.

If you have additional questions please send them to our support team,

Happy keying!

What happened to the California, San Diego sets? They’re not listed.

There Unavailable

Is the World Archives Project uploading the North Carolina Survey of Native Americans from 1894-1913 for keyers to work on.

Yeah… when they didn’t show up on the list, I kinda figured they weren’t available. But I still wonder why and when they will be available.

Yea I dont know either

Re: Indian census

I’ll tell you what I know about it. It was a Non-Public Testing project with the A-Review system, some months ago. It Also had a different experimental format with the keying fields.

Looking at the wiki page, it’s different than I remember…. So it may be released again in the future. Not sure in what format.

Handwriting relatively good. Color scans of OK quality.

Perhaps I have missed some information but aren’t we supposed to have new projects from San Diego?

Are they already finished?

Mary and Jackie: Not finished, but all sets have already been checked out!

Small projects. Apparently also high