There’s a new version of the keying tool…

Earlier today we released a new version of the keying tool,  (This will automatically load the next time you open the keying tool – if it hasn’t loaded you can click here  to go to the download page.)  Along with a few bug fixes and enhancements we have also added some new features. 

The most noticeable feature is a pop-up that may appear when you are submitting an image set.  For projects that have a partner sponsor you will be asked to let us know what your affiliation is – are you a member of one of the organizations, do you belong to a non-partner organization…  For more information about this new feature click here.

If you have feedback, or questions, please contact our support team,

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Reader Comments

Has not fixed the Review bug.

I tried three times to install the new version but it didn’t work even after restarting my PC so I went to the download page on the WAP page and eventually it did work. Anyone else have problems?

I had no problems but would like to suggest that Ancestry let the keyers know what project is a priority. I think that would be helpful.

Pam T, if you want to know, just click on “pick a project for me”. That will download one set from the highest priority project.

(it is disabled if you already have one or more sets to work on)

I don’t know if it is possible, but I’d love to know which of my completed image sets have been arbitrated, or whether I am still waiting.

My accuracy rating recently dipped down and, because I am working on a couple of different projects at once, I’m finding it hard to pinpoint the problem. And when the accuracy rating doesn’t change for awhile, you wonder whether you are just steadily making the same mistake, or if more recent and perhaps more accurate sets haven’t been checked yet.

Knowing how much has been checked would help me find my problem.


I too would like to have a separate screen where you could break down accuracy rating by project. Which data i know is being collected. And even by field, which isn’t directly being collected, but is theoretically possible to obtain by crunching the numbers on the batches returned.

Some of the projects I work are of exceptional difficulty. And contain blurry and otherwise marginal images.

Right now the only to gauge if you’re screwing up is to ask on the boards.

I recently had to purchase a new hard drive and am unable to download the keying tool. I get a message that says ERROR 1303 and says to sign in as administrator, but I already am an administrator on the computer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Can I get connected to
and use lithuaniian letters ?

Hi. I’m still having problems downloading this version. I’ve been unable to do any arbitration for a week. I sent mail a week ago to Anne Fechter with no response yet.

Could my recent upgrade to Windows 7 be a factor?

Please help!


Looking for Pics for all and any you might have of Truman B Jenkins and family. I am willing to pay for them and would be very thankful for any help in this matter. Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this D

MAC users would like to help too!

I tried to get some answers. The e-mail came back to me after several days, the 2nd note to Anna Fechter was not answered. Before I can continue, I need some answers, I therefore returned the images I was working on.

I have not been able to use the World Wide Archives. I need to find some dates in Ireland in 1669. But I don’t know how to do that. I didn’t find anything for Ireland in te categories.