Major Milestone – 50,000th Contributor!

I couldn’t let today pass without telling you about a major milestone that occured sometime yesterday, while I was at home celebrating Mothers Day with my mom and some of my siblings.  Our 50,000th registered contributor signed up to be part of the Ancestry World Archives Project community!

To give you some additional perspective on why this is such a HUGE deal to us let me share some quick facts:

  • As a community you have keyed and arbitrated over 11 million records so far this year.
  • There are now 20 databases online at that are available FREE for anyone to search because of your efforts.
  • There are another 25 databases that you have completed indexing that are currently undergoing post-keying production internally here at

I hope you feel the excitement of being part of such a great community.  Thank you so much to each of you for the amazing contribution you continue to make.  Now…I wonder how long it will take us to reach 100,000 contributors?  Maybe if everyone invited one friend…Hmmm. 🙂

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

I am so impressed by this site. I have found my long lost grandfather’s family. We had so many questions and thanks to Ancestry- I’ve just come into contact with my first cousin who had no idea we existed.

That’s so wonderful!! I’m proud to be such of an important and successful project.

I am amazed by the information I have found. I feel by working on this project it will bring out information that I’ve yet to discover about my family history. Thank you everyone that is helping me and I know I’m doing my small part to help you find yours. Glad to be part of the first 50,000.

Yes it is an amazing project. But I Cab’t help wondering how many of the 50.000 registered contributor are actually active?

it would be awesome if there was an incentive to key records such as FREE membership 🙂 I just joined because I am searching my family history and love stuff like this..but i was getting sleepy after the 3rd incentive and quota to receive that incentive including proper accuracy might make people stick with it.

In a few days, I will have been keying and arbitrating for a year. Working on these projects has been fun and informative. I LOVE it.

I showed the ancestry site to a friend who has always wanted to find the German branch of her family. I am pretty sure she is going to join ancestry. It makes me feel good about what we are doing when someone tells me that they made it through their brick wall.

Now if I could just make it through mine…lol.

Joining this project has been a way to strengthen my connection to be ancestors. I think it is important to do volunteer work and, when it is something you enjoy, that’s even better. Thanks for providing me with this opportunity to help.

I am very proud to be a part this project and love knowing that we all are helping to uncover someones brickwall or long lost family member!

The day I joined has turned out to be one of the most exiting and positive experiences of my life. The information and revelations I have discovered since about previously “undiscovered” ancestors has been nothing short of astounding and extremely personally rewarding. This is more fun than my first roller coaster ride when I was a youngster in Washington D.C. at Glen Echo Park. My hat is off to

Can people help to input information into the site.