New Keying Tool, Version

We released a new version of the keying tool earlier today.  (Each time you use the keying tool we check for updates so there is no need to manually update the tool.)

Through out the past month our development team had been busy working behind the scenes resolving small, but pesky, bugs, enhancing the tool, making it work more efficiently … 

Here are two of the enhancements you may notice:

– A new addition to the Help menu, Clear User Settings.  You will find this helpful if you accidentally click to remove the “Submit image set” reminder as clicking on it will bring it back. 

– When you are keying if you collapse the Field Helps they will now stay collapsed until you change the form type.

If you have feedback or questions please contact our support team,

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Reader Comments

This new version has introduced a very serious bug.

When changing forms, all previously keyed data will be wiped.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I am having trouble downloading the upgrade to the archive project. Doesn’t seem to work. I use Mozilla usually but had to use Internet Explorer for the project. Any tips?

The Highlight doesn’t work properly now. It stays on the birthdate columns, and the image jumps back to the top few lines also if using highlight.

I am no using the guides.

Update on the bug: Only the last lone is deleted when you change form types. Much better than I’d originally thought.

I see it still thinks ferrier is a rank, rather than Farrier, and other ranks/rank abbreviations it’s still clueless about that I’d hoped would be fixed this time around…

I haven’t come across any problems yet with the new version, but I would like a ‘copy & paste’ facility. A couple of times I have entered data in the wrong section – grrr!

for copy and paste try ctrl C to copy and ctrl v to paste. work like a charm. 😛

I notice that when I submit records I arbitrate – after clicking submit – I get a red message at the bottom of the screen that tells me there is a conflict between Keyer A & B on the record. I know I corrected all the conflicts, but now I’m wondering if the data that I have entered as an arbitrator has been erased. I’ve already arbitrated 100 records today.

Hi, will you be releasing an apple mac version of the program – I would like to participate but the software is incompatible with my computer.

kindest regards

Hi all,
I hope that the issues you have encountered with downloading are all now resolved. We have worked on the bugs and all of the reported bugs should be fixed in the next version of the tool.

Is it me? I follow the link from the dashboard telling me about a new version of the software, so I can download it and start keying & what do I find? A blog article telling me that it’s been released and no link that I can see to the software.
You want my help? Don’t make it hard for me to volunteer.

When submitting sets the previous tool allowed one to hold the set, for further review before submission: clicking finish set no longer allows the pop up an “are you sure you want to submit” message as before”.

To my chagrin the first time I used a set was submitted without my second check. Is this a permanent situation, or a glitch?


When I try to download the upgrade I get this ‘Error 1935’ and have yet to successfully complete it. I really like keying but have not been able to contribute for almost a month now. Any suggestions?

would like to volunteer for your Archives Project, but all i could give it in time is6 to 10 hrs. a week Do you think it would be worth my time and your’s to Volunteer.

David Wood

The keying tool is impossible to install. Everytime I try I get error 1935. I’ve tried downloading, running directly from the website, downloading to a different computer and copying to my laptop. Nothing works! Please advise.