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We currently have seven military post projects being keyed covering the following states and areas: Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Mexican Border, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Due to your feedback regarding the difficulty of these projects we are making some changes that we hope will make this an easier and more enjoyable experience and that this will enable us to complete these records in a timely manner.  And as a result the majority of the projects will not be available for the next few weeks as we process these changes.


The biggest difference you will notice is that we have reduced the number of fields being captured.  We will now only be capturing the names of the soldiers from the main portion of the record.  Although this is a pretty big change be assured that this will not affect search once these records go online.  Our main goal, as always, is to create a finding aid that will lead researchers to the records they are seeking.


The difficulty rating has changed from Advanced to Average based on the challenging handwriting and the names being located “all over” the image.  These projects are a great way to learn more about military records and to build your paleography skills.  Keep your eyes open for these projects to appear back on the download list! 

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Reader Comments

Letting everyone know: this doesn’t apply to Buffalo Soldiers Returns!

Oh, and I’m at the Twitter Party 🙂

Just back from vacation! God bless you! Although, dealing with the number of companies assigned to a specific group ranks was kind of “interesting”.

I noticed that we’re not at least capturing the military info (i.e. name of post, regiments and companies) that were at the post. (I totally agree with not collecting them by individual.. Trust me.. :D.)

If not, though, should there be a separate project that goes through the images and lists the regiments and companies that passed through there (i.e. Port of Charleston had 33rd Infantry, Co. A
33rd Infantry, Co. E
Two privates (unnamed) from
8th Infantry, Co. C
etc. If I’m trying to track someone from the 8th Infantry, could be useful to find out that some of the roster were elsewhere that month (i.e. How *did* they end up in Charleston?)

OK — Shutting up now and getting back to keying. 😉

My main problem with them is that the pages I got were so badly scanned that most of the writing was faint diagonal lines, if that — on a page of twenty lines, I could read maybe two names, and that’s AFTER mucking about with the contrast.