New Projects! UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books & Fife, Scotland, Voters Lists

Last week we released the UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849 – if you are not familiar with the history of these records and what the Prison Hulks were it would be worthwhile doing a little research.  Just a little tidbit of information is that although the ships were only supposed to be used temporarily they ended up being used for around 80 years; I guess temporary is defined by the decision maker!  So far the 65 contributors working on this project have keyed 33,500 records.

And yesterday we released Fife, Scotland, Voters Lists, 1832-1894.  Although, in my opinion, these records don’t have as interesting of a story they are incredibly popular which can be seen in the fact that in only 24 hours over 7500 records have been keyed!  They are very straight forward and it takes only a few minutes to complete an image set which likely helps their popularity.

So if you are interested in keying either of these projects you’ll want to act quickly as they are on pace to be completed in just a few weeks time. 

For additional helps please refer to the following.

UK Prison Hulks help article

Fife, Scotland, Voters Lists help article

Thank you for your contributions!

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I’m very happy that anyone is making so much of an effort to provide such details. My aunt Judy traced my father’s (her brother,their sister)father’s family from my generation all the way back to England, and the family also was traced through Scotland, and of course the U.S. and Canada on her/their mother’s side. She is working on her mother’s side and any more of the father’s side she can provide. Right now I am too busy attending classes, but my aunt has provided one of the most priceless gifts one could present…our identities. Thanks for your hard work. I am English, French Canadian, Chippewa, Scotch-Irish, Italian, and German. What a load huh? Anyway, I look forward to joining Ancestry and doing my own work for my family members.

im trying to find information on my great grandfather on making moonshine on his property. my mom said when she was growing up he got arrested for this how can i find it ive tried what i know im new at all this thats why there is 3 tress i will merge them togeather. tx for your help. maryanne