Version – New Enhancements and Fewer Bugs

We’ve released a new version of the tool!  In this new version you’ll welcome a few new options, and we’re sure you won’t miss the few bugs that we’ve fixed.  Based on the feedback we have received we have been able to make your keying experience more enjoyable.

The enhancement I am most excited about is the option to turn the highlights on and off.  When you are keying collections such as the England, Newspaper clippings or the Southern California Naturalization Indexes that are both index card sized images I think it is easier to turn the highlights off.  I can adjust the image to where I can read the information and then key in the required fields without the image moving.  You can turn the highlights on and off by clicking on the Highlights button in the tool bar at the top of the image. 

My second favorite enhancement is that the program, in general, is faster – downloads may not take as long, and after clicking you’ll move to the next stage faster.  In addition to these two more noticeable enhancements there were quite a few enhancements made to the International tool so that your fellow, non-English speaking contributors will have a more enjoyable experience too.  You may also notice a few other enhancements now and even more will be visible with future projects.

And we had a few pesky bugs that we got rid of.  These bugs don’t always affect a lot of people so you likely didn’t see the errors or have the difficulties that a few contributors were encountering.  The main areas that we worked on are errors that have occurred during installation, difficulties downloading, submitting and deleting image sets, and errors in the international tool.  With such a large number of contributors who have different system set-ups we may not be able to fix every bug right away but we are trying to make sure that your experience goes off without a hitch. 

If you encounter errors or are having a difficult time using the keying tool please email our support team at worldarchivesproject at

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Reader Comments

Thank you for getting rid of the highlight on California Naturalization records. It should go much faster now.

I, also, greatly appreciate the ability to turn off the highlighter.

I have a few other questions/suggestions. Currently when accepting a field as correct, if there are other instances of the same word in the same column, you are asked if you want to accept all instances of the word. However, you do not get the same chance if there are repeat instances of the word in the same row. For example, if a persons surname is the same as the father’s surname in the same row, you have to accept the surname twice, while if there were multiple rows of children each with the same surname in the surname column you would accept the surname in the first row, and then be prompted to accept the rest of the names in the column. It would be easier if there was simply an “accept all” option.

Another question is why, when entering more than one row for an image, the event month and event year are automatically copied from the row above, but this does not happen for the event day. It would seem that either all those fields should automatically fill, or none of them should automatically fill.

On the New England naturalization cards: 1) the drop down list is inconvenient because you have to go between keyboard and mouse. what about a completion or type ahead list
2) If you delete the highlight then when you get the form up to index it goes to the last card in the section. If you forget to back it up the cards are not done in order.