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To end our week, and to complete our list of recent changes, we released a new version of the keying tool earlier today.  Each time you use the keying tool we check for updates so there is no need to manually update the tool. 

In this latest version of the tool we’ve resolved a few pesky bugs, and adjusted a few items.  The most noticeable improvements are:

          The Provide Feedback link is now a Contact Support link.

–     A new “Rotate image” feature where you can specify the angle you would like the image rotated.

          In the arbitration screen the Field Helps are now collapsible.

If you have feedback or questions please contact our support team,


In addition to the Keying tool update there are a few other updates I want to make sure you know about.  As you may have noticed, over the past few weeks we’ve been working on improving our help resources – we’ve updated the Getting Started Guide , updated many of our help articles, added more message boards and now we have a few more noteworthy improvements. 

          An updated tutorial…  The tutorial can  be viewed section by section depending on your needs – whether you are just beginning or have been keying for a while.  Some of the topics covered in the tutorial include why we started the World Archives Project, how you can participate, tips for using the Keying tool and more.  It will likely take a few minutes to load the tutorial as it is a large file.

          On the project pages (accessible from your World Archives Project Dashboard) you may have noticed the addition of project specific message boards.  Until recently the General World Archives Project message board was inserted at the bottom of the main project page but now you can jump right in to discuss the project you are working on.

If there are improvements you would like to see we would love to hear your ideas,  

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Reader Comments

Thank you for the rotation angle adjustment! It will be so nice not to have a sore neck when finished keying. Thanks for the rest too, but I am a comfort loving person so the rotation angle adjustment is the one I like best.

I love the improvements. You guys stay on top things. Keep up the good work. It’s a pleasure to key and arbitrate with the right tools.

The maintenance upgrade wiped out the application, and I have not been able to download the software since without receiving an error. So I can not enter data

When I try to download the new keying tool, explorer shuts down wihout letting the download complete. Therefore I cannot continue the project until this is resolved.

Couldn’t download update either. Just remove software and re-install, no problem now.

Unable to download new update for keying tool,have tried 4 times to download, each time left with blank screen. Running Vista with Firefox 3.6

Thank you for the improvements, especially posting the message boards on the project pages. I noticed, however, that the International Records-English message board was on the Canadian Postcards project page.

Hi all,
We appreciate your comments and are working to resolve the various issues being reported. If you have not heard from our support team please contact us directly at

tried for several days to download, only blank screen…not able to work on the projects. Also running with Firefox 3.6

Have tried for a week to download the new keying tool.In the process of doing this the World Archives icon has disapeared and am now unable to download the software,and am unable to continue with the project.

When keying the first letter of the month into either the Event Month or Birth Month you get a number to select, 1,2 or 3 for those months that start with the same letter. It would be very helpful if they are listed in the same order as they appear in the calendar instead of changing. Also for those months where there is only 1, i.e. Feb, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec the first letter should select that month instead of having to select the number 1 to get it. Thanks

I’m not sure why I got info on a keying project. I was searching for birth records of my ancestors and kept coming up with dead ends. I may have clicked on something I shouldn’t have, but then I got an email about keying project. I don’t know what that is. I stumbled upon this link somehow. Can you tell me what this is all about?

Ester, it is actually fascinating once you figure out that you are actually helping to key in historical information about people that immigrated to the US (or Canada, etc). It has nothing specifically to do with our individual ancestors, but the more info collected by many people, the more likely someone will be keying in OUR ancestors!!!

Is there a problem running the Project Keying software with Windows Internet Explorer 8. I have downloaded same and tried to run it but keep getting an error report and it will not load. Thanks.

When will the software be available for the Mac? I really want to help!

Yes, please a Mac version of the Keying Tool. My PC died and I am now on a Mac. I am a Arbiter but can no longer help because I can’t run the software.

Why isn’t this tool available on common records found through an subscription???

Unable to install latest keying software therefore I cannot help with the project at the moment.