New Projects! London School Admissions and Discharges and Slave Narratives

We are excited to have released two new projects in the past week!

The London, England, School Admissions and Discharges, 1841-1911 were released last week – there are currently 350 contributors working on the project and they have already keyed 65,000 records!  This collection is comprised of records for millions of students (names and birth dates) who attended school in London for a time period spanning over 150 years.  Many times the records also include the names of the students parents so there is a wealth of knowledge available in this collection.  These records are handwritten but are in easy to follow forms so the project has been rated at Average. 

Project page (Here you can view all of the Field Helps and view sample images for the two form types being keyed.), Help article, message  board

Yesterday we released the Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, 1936-1938.  Within these records you will find interviews with former slaves, photos, and folklore – or in other words a captivating way to spend your time.  The interviews detail the lives of former slaves, from when they were slaves to after they were free.  There are quite a few fields to key but it is likely that you will only key a few fields per page – the information is spread through the interview so reading through the details is important in capturing relevant information.

Project page, help article, message board 

Happy keying!

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I have a Name Afred Loff, a phone number 85281977363, and a date of death 11/17/2005 at Beijing, china. how do I set this up in a search?

I’ve keyed a couple of the slave records and find them extremely fascinating – probably the most fascinating records within this project. Thank you so much for adding these for us!