New Project Help – England, Newspaper Index Cards (Andrews Collection)

With so many different types of articles in this collection it is sometimes hard to determine what needs to be keyed.  We have received a lot of questions and hope that our recently published online help article for the England, Newspaper Index Cards collection, found here, will help you.  If you need further assistance please email our support team at worldarchivesproject at

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Please attach a secondary document at

The problem with the explanation at the above URL is that the main focus of the record may be incongruent with the name at the top of the card.

Example from record set 540673_193

Beach, Ronald G.

Beach – On March 10, 1944, to Renee Bletcher (nee Day), wife of Capt. Ronald Gly_ Beach, ___ African Forces–a daughter (Hilary Judith).
(blank lines are unreadable sections).

1. This could first be keyed as MARRIAGE with unknown date, unknown location, which would capture the 2 adult names (one of which appears at the top of the card, fulfilling that rquirement of keying).

2. Second SECTION, keyed as BIRTH
Hilary Judith Beach, March 10, 1944, Capt. Ronald Gly_ Beach, Renee Bletcher (nee Day) Beach

2a. (if the record also said, “sister to Michael James”, then Michael James Beach would be another Birth keyed) with unknown birth date, father Capt. Ronald Gly_ Beach, mother Hilary Judith Beach.

3b. If the record also said “the late Capt. Ronald Gly_ Beach, ___ African Forces” it would have a section for “Death” for him.

I also WISH there was a place for KEYER COMMENTS on each keyed data, so the next keyer would know why a keyer made certain decisions on difficult records. Or, the 1st Keyer could leave a question like “Should xxx be keyed as this type xxx?” Genealogists strive to do complete work and it’s frustrating to be unable to communicate with the follow-up keyer about problems with fitting the data in somewhere/ somehow.

Could you also place an example on the help pages for a WOMAN with more than 3 to 5 surnames, such as (made up example) “ADAMS– Margery Kathleen ADAMS, nee COOK, formerly JOHNSTON, formerly JOHNS, formerly WOLFETON, formerly THRIFT, formerly
WHITE-MARKELL, died June 1, 1927 at Sussex….” Whew. I keyed them one after the other, but it got confusing as to the order of the names.

can you give another catagory, something like probate or similar, i have come accross a few that are seeking people who are in benifit of will’s etc, and are lost or whereabouts unknown.

What about index cards that have no newspaper clipping on them, only handwritten notes?

I have the same concerns as illustrated in the comment by Judy Florian. Up to now I have keyed the example as in (2) – birth – which would link the parent to the child and the parents to each other.

If we keyed as per the revised tip we would have to class this as ‘other’ and key the name Beach, Ronald G with the birthdate for the daughter and the spouse’s name – no mention of the daughter at all.

I also have queries regarding the ‘Event Location’ field.

Example 1 – Event location is SE1. Well I know that it is a central London postcode but not everyone will – Do I key SE1 or London or leave the field empty. On the same query if the location is say Islington which again is in Central London do I key Islington or Islington, London as per the example on the field help

Example 2 – Location of marriage is Calcutta. I presume I key it as Calcutta not Calcutta, India (which is clear from the context)

Example 3 – Text as follows: –

“Would James Anderson born 10 April 1888 who was last heard of in Toronto or any of his descendants get in touch with Messrs Heir Hunters & Co, 13 Princes St, Edinburgh”.

So do I key Toronto, Edinburgh or leave the field empty

Example 4

Australian Probate announcement – granted in Melbourne Court regarding deceased formerly of say a small town outside of Melbourne.

Do I key the place of the probate announcement or the town/place where the individual lived/died

We’ve got a lot of these still to key so further advice would be very helpful and avoid excessive arbitration

I’d like to see a little more autofill if at all possible. I’m wearing out the 1 button on my keyboard!
For the header section, could we be able to just key M for Marriage then press enter? Also for months, if I key JA, can it autofill January, JUN for June, JUL for July?

I have been using the beta tool, had a few probs logging in last week. So today I log in and it says that I havne’t logged in for 90 days or entered any records for 90 days. Also that there are no records available to down load. Is there a glitch or a problem with the version?

I too would like to see the provision of a comment field.

Of more interest would be the provision of a gender field, this would be most useful as many bith announcements have no given name but usually report the birth of a son or daughter.