Happy Thanksgiving!

As I thought about posting today I had fond thoughts of the post I made last year – we have come a long way in a year!

My family is again in California – we have grown by 5 children this year so it was quite a different trip in the car than last year’s plane flight.  My husband’s grandfather is quite ill so most of the family has gathered to celebrate with him.  He has a legacy of 7 children, 29 granchildren and a quickly growing number of great granchildren. 

I am a little more sentimental this year as watching Grandpa brings back memories of watching my father lose his battle with cancer.  (It is times like this that I miss him the most.)  Listening to Christmas music may be helping too.   And as I sit back and take a break from the kitchen action I have been thinking about the tradition of gathering and celebrating as families.  Where would we be without these traditions?  Would we be as good of cooks?!

Will it be a little hectic in a few hours?  Will it be worth having to wake up at 2:30 am to put the first turkey in?  And cooking all day?  And travelling 11 hours with 5 children?  Of course the answer to everything is yes.   Family is worth the struggles, the time and the effort. 

I’ve been gone long enough that I hear my name being called, so back to the kitchen for me.  Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving today or if it’s just a regular work day, I hope you take some time today to enjoy your family.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you Anna for sharing your excitement about Thanksgiving Day. We in England, as you probably know have Harvest Festival which was a little while ago now, but to some of us just as momentous as your own day, seeing the young children in church with their gifts of produce and a wonderful meal afterwards. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Regards Jackie