New South Wales, Australia, Police Gazettes, 1854-1930

If you have ever been curious about how police departments communicate, how perpetrators are described, or what a lot of stolen horses look like this is the project for you as it is full of interesting stories.  As with all projects the Police Gazettes can be challenging but if you read the help article, and follow the Field Helps you should be just fine.

We are keying every name you encounter in this project so you will need to learn to identify what the names are.  For example if the article talks about “Messrs Smith and Jones” you would key Mr in the prefix and Smith in the Surname field for the first record, followed by the next record being keyed the same except for putting Jones in the Surname field.  So you just need to be careful not to overlook the names in the articles.  * Names should be keyed in the order they appear.*

Before keying this project we suggest you refer to the Project Instructions, and check back regularly, as it contains links to the help articleproject page and message board


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Reader Comments

This is highly addictive keying. Every snippet of information in these gazettes is like the first page in a fabulous tale of crime and redemption!

I work for our county probation office and read police reports all day long. This is actually a breath of fresh air.

I wish our biggest problem was horse thieves.

I need help with entering “Ticket of Leave Holders” information? I’m not sure if I should enter the information referring to the original crime (location, event type etc) or enter the information regarding the release.

i.e. Charles——-free. Tried in Geelong———–sentenced to ———for stabbing. Ticket of leave granted ——-.

I hope I am making sense.


Viewing the question from Gloria Dec 2009.
What answer was given to her question