Monday Milestones: This Project Brought to You By…

Currently, there are nine active naturalization projects.  (I warned you in my last blog post that we’d be talking a lot about naturalizations this month.  We’ll move on to another record type next month – so stay with me. J)  Of those nine projects, seven of them are sponsored (or co-sponsored) by a genealogical society.


On each project page if you scroll down to the lower right-hand corner, you will see logos for the project partners.  Click on their logo to learn more about that particular society.  Is there one in your area?


Many societies have wonderful programs each month with speakers, presentations and classes.  Some societies also have research materials that are not available online.  Most societies also have some type of newsletter or publication.  So, even if you don’t live in the area but have ancestral relatives from there, you might want to consider checking out what they have to offer.


Now – if you did your math, you know that leaves two naturalization projects that are currently “unsponsored.”  Is your genealogical society or organization interested in partnering with Ancestry World Archives Project to sponsor one of them?  If so, contact us today to learn all about the benefits of project partnership.


And finally – because this is a milestones blog – here are some current statistics on our nine active naturalization projects.  (I’ll update them at the end of the month so we can measure our progress.)



Illinois Naturalization Indexes – 81% complete

Southern California Naturalization Indexes – 76% complete

New York City Naturalization Indexes – 62% complete

Northern California Naturalization Indexes – 34% complete

Hawaii and Alaska Naturalization Indexes – 25% complete

California Naturalization Original – 22% complete

Pennsylvania Naturalization Originals – 19% complete



Washington and Montana Naturalization Indexes – 54% complete

New York Naturalization Originals – 5% complete 


You are all doing a fantastic job but it looks like the race is on between Illinois and Southern California!


Until next time – Happy Keying!

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I am working on the NYC indexes and I am having trouble with the cards downloading properly. They are out of order (two backs together, a front, back, then two fronts). This had dropped my accuracy from 98 to 96, which I feel is incorrect. I tried the feedback, but it didn’t go thru. Could someone check this?