New Projects! International Postcards and Hawaii and Alaska Naturalization Indexes

Yesterday we launched a few “new” projects…   The international postcards that are now available, Austria, Australia (not available for long), France, Italy, Mexico and Sweden are a lot of fun to key.  The images are great to look at and the keying is pretty simple.  We have keyed these collections previously so some of the images may look familiar.  We had a bug in our system that compromised the data that was keyed in our first pass.  This bug has now been resolved and in order to have the indexes available online we are keying these projects a second time.   To view the online help article for these projects click here.

And today we launched the Hawaii and Alaska Naturalization Indexes.  There are a variety of card types, all of which provide details of an individuals naturalization.  This is a good project to key if you have a few minutes in between errands or just need a quick break.  To view the online help article click here.

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I’m surprised at the overall lack of records available from non-English speaking countries. There’s an overwhelming focus of American collections, including some rather obscure records. I’m sure these are of interest, of course, to a small minority of hobbyists and I certainly appreciate their value. However, there are so many countries from which absolutely no information is available on ancestry sites. Outside of passenger lists, there is nothing for South Africa, (or any other African country), Portugal, Brazil, virtually all of South America is missing, many eastern block countries are missing, etc, etc, etc.

Any plans?

Thank you

Paula, I will pass your message along to our content team. I know they are constantly working to obtain new collections, unfortunately I also know that it isn’t always an easy process.

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