New Version of the Tool Now Available

A new version of the tool is now ready for installation. This version doesn’t include new functionality but rather is geared toward fixing some of the persistent bugs we’ve been seeing.

This new version should take care of several of the known bugs including the “System.MissingMethodException” error and a bug that caused lost data on the last record of the last image set.

Thank you for your efforts and your patience as we work to make the tool better for you!

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Reader Comments

Andrews is working perfectly for me now. Good job in fixing the bug!

I am still having problems with andrews it has fixed the original problem but after I type in the surname it jumps straight to event month and I can not go back because the bar that used to be at the bottom is missing?

I can’t download the updated program.
I get a message telling me to look for a DEP protected version. Will I ever be able to get back in again?

I have just tried a dictionery of biology set and it does the same thing as andrews it will not let me type anything into the 2nd box ie prefix in dictionery and given name in Andrews.

Really great to keep entering data without marking the data field each set. Thanks for the updated program.

Thanks for fixing the wildcard bug!

My problem of not being able to “lift” the lower half of the page high enough to reveal the paortion to enter date is still not fixed. I haven’t been able to enter data since the first new version was installed. Just give me back the old old version

I noticed several things with the new version. I had trouble getting the data entry line where I could see it. I finally managed to raise the box using the cursor (x marked the spot) and raising it a little. I also noticed that I’m having trouble keeping the data in the screen so I can enter the data. When the image first comes up it should be small enough for you to see what form it is without chasing it all over the screen and having to zoom in or out.

I just installed the 2010 version of the program and was finding information on an individual. When I prepared to merge information from a census, I was horrified to find that you have removed the option I use the most — Add Source Only! Now the only way I can get this documentation where info is already correct is to enter the same or slightly different version of the same info again or give up and manually enter the info as fact and source documentation. Why would you ever take that extremely useful option out!? The documentation process is already so clumsy. I am still correcting the mess the 2008 version made of importing my source documentation, so meticulously entered over the years.

I just found an answer to my earlier lament. By experimenting with options, I clicked Discard this fact. ONLY THEN did the opoitn to keep the source appear!! Why?? I hope there are not any additional “improvements” of this sort in this version!

Still some problems with NYC cards..No drop down box with Surname regardless of spelling,,christian name box to be marked correct every time regardless of spelling. No furthger error messages.

Error message has now disappeared, but when entering data it jumps from one field to another, can’t get back to and the lower half of the page has disappeared! HELP!!!! Please can I return to the old version which worked


Many thanks for your persistence in fixing the bugs.
Back to ‘normal’ now, but hopefully you will manage to make the system work like it did on the 2nd September, which was a great improvement.
Enjoying Andrews again!

The new version is no better than the one it replaced. In Andrews cards, if one transcriber has entered [Blank] and the other something different clicking on [Blank] inserts it into the arbitrator field and then removes it immediately so I have to click in the aribitrator’s field and press Ctrl + B in order to insert [Blank] in a mandatory field.

This is in response to # 7 posting by justask120..try raising the image window by putting your cursor on the little line just under itand move it up (it looks like a broken line about an inch long. This in turn will increase your data entry window. I sometimes have to do this depending on which records I am keying or arbitrating. Hope this helps.

I’m happy that the new update took care of the error message when indicating a blank record (Andrews), but disappointed that it has done away with the option of using arrow keys to select what you are about to type (Clipping, Image With No Data, etc.). It really slows you down to have to stop and grab the mouse. Any chance on getting this feature back?

my problem is the same as just ask 120,i too cannot see to enter data ,page wont lift high enough to see where to enter it.i did one portion blind so dont know if information gone in correctly

On Andrews: a waste of time having to select the form type. Please go back to having ‘clipping’ be the default!

I have had to give up on some Chalmers sets because the new tool does not allow you to enter anything in the ‘Given name’ box. After entering the ‘continuation’ field, it jumps straight to ‘alias’ names. Kept trying to tab back, but it is still impossible to enter anything, or even get the cursor into the given name field.

In keying Loraine County, Ohio, City Directories every time I hit “enter”, the page flips back to the top. I have to reorient after every data entry. What a waste of time.

Karen, Turn off your highlights, they are not working correctly for some reason.

I have been trying to enter data for the Andrews set, but the bottom of the data entry field seems to be truncated and I cannot see what I am entering – very frustrating! Also, the instruction panel on the left hand side does not correspnd to the field which appears in front of you when you tab across.

Thanks Terry for your response. I know about the bar that increases image. I have used it for every data entry progect but for some reason it will not raise high enough. I have found I can do the Naturalization records with no problem so will do that until the problem is solved for Jacksonville indexing. Please fix soon. I like doing the Jacksonvill.

Can’t download new version. Keep getting message saying encountered problem Internet Explorer has to close.

Well, it seems to have got rid of that annoying error message, which is the main thing, but now the drop-down menu for first names has gone back to being alphabetical instead of commonest names first. I could cry!

I also had trouble seeing the bottom half of the screen to key the data and that happens when I have my font set very large. I key on a laptop and need the larger font but on some projects, I have to make my font smaller so I can fit the bottom portion of the screen and see what I am keying.

Can someone tell me how to get the dialog box back asking me if I want to submit the image set when I am finished keying? Somehow, my laptop clicked itself and not only submitted a set of Illinois Naturalization Records before I had completed the image set but it clicked itself to no longer show this option. I am trying to increase my accuracy over 90% and I really need this box back. Thanks!

I, too, can see the Headings, but there are no lines below to enter data. Additionally, after I enter Page No. and Date, I press Tab, and instead of the cursor moving downward to data entry lines, it jumps up to the keying tools. It also appears that the line of keying tools changes to show more tools than I originally start with. Please help, so that I can get back to entering nebraska newspaper data. Thanks.

My wish list for the perfect keying tool. I’m keying & arbitrating Andrews should that have any bearing.
1. A default setting that I could set so that all images opened at 75% with the option to enlarge should I need to.

2. Frequently used names remain on the drop-down menu rather than appearing alphabeticaly…oh the good old days!

3. The drop-down menu for the months remain in logical order rather than going to the top of the list just because that was the last one I keyed. e.g. 1.January, 2. June, 3. July. Let them remain static.

4. When I need to key another section I would REALLY like the highlighter to come with me! The second or third section is obviously at the bottom of the card so a real pain when each time I tab across the card shots back up to the top & I have to drag it back down again!

All small but nevertheless irritating things we keyers have to contend with. They slow down the process which is not in the interests of anyone,


Also it’s been a while since you’ve posted this I still have some suggestion to make.
I would be very pleased if there will be the possibility to change the zoom permanently in the next release of the tool. It should be feasible to add this feature to the options menu. The resolution of my laptop’s screen is 1024×768 — there is only a small stripe showing the document left, so I always change the zoom to 75%. Unfortunately I have to do this again for every new set I’m working on.
Surely I’m not the only one who is annoyed by this.

Your latest update is junk. I’ve been keying from day one and have found this version not intuitive and not user friendly. What are you going to do about it?