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Yay!  We’ve added a new collection, The Marriages of the Deaf in America, 1889-1894.  This may not be what you would typically think of as marriage records so it adds an element of interest.  There are four main form types to choose from, a marriage record, husband or wife questionnaires, and a remarks form.  We are capturing the main information although there is more for you to explore, and since each form is not completely filled in you key only the information that is listed.  I think my favorite part is seeing the variety of handwriting. 

And, we’ve brought the Andrews Collection back online!  It now has an updated name, England, Newspaper Index Cards (Andrews) and updated keying information.  This collection is a little different because the highlight boxes take up the entire card. Since the information could be found anywhere on the card, we aren’t able to zoom in on the area where all the data is found.  So you will need to move the image every time you move to the next field – this is still a work in progress and we are working on this aspect of the collection.  The main form type is clipping, although you may see as many “images with no data”, and this is the form for both newspaper clippings and handwritten records.  You have to read the information to know what type of information you are keying so there is a lot of human interest. 

We appreciate your participation in the Beta testing of the World Archives Project and we look forward to hearing what you think about these new and updated projects.

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Reader Comments

How exciting! My oldest granddaughter is deaf. I can’t wait to get started.

I like this project and love the handwriting. This index is pretty easy. I noticed that if you skip past the “HEADER” box, the entry info. will update to the right. You should be able to catch this after entering the first set.

I am starting on the Deaf Marriages section. There is an extra page that is not listed to chose from. It looks like maybe page 3. Hopefully someone can tell me where to find this page.

Anyway, I love doing this Deaf Marriages. My Mother is deaf.

Thank you

It would be nice to see a borad where all our progress is listed not just the top five keyers.

I’m really enjoying keying entries for the Marriages of the Deaf. The handwriting on these records is clear, and all the fields are straight-forward. =)

I just downloaded my first document within Deaf Marriages and I feel as though I am leaving out all the good information. When it asks for a Header, I wrote Remarks, but I didn’t see anywhere I could actually type the remarks, it then just asked for a year??

Same for the Husband and Wife pages. It gave me boxes to record marriage date, place, etc. but these were blank on my documents. Then at the bottom, they listed information on whether the person was deaf or hearing, their schooling, siblings. Am I missing where this is to be recorded? Thanks!

This is of interest to me because i have a deaf sister that was born that way. It is interesting as to how other people were born deaf. I didnt think that they were even regonized in the 1800’s so this I love alot and thank you for letting them be recognized.

I agree with Mariah Henry, I found it frustrating that I cannot enter the info about the brothers and sisters. Can’t an extra line be added for siblings, or somewhere to add misc. information?? I had one scenario where the person had been divorced and was remarrying. It would be nice if there were an easy way to check our work before, oops, it has been submitted!
Love the project too!! Thank you!

What we are keying now is not the only information that will be gleaned from these reports, right? What we are doing now is getting the information that will be used to sort, right?