Happy Holidays!

This time of year is one of my favorites – even the cooler weather. We gather as families and friends, enjoy special foods and traditions and in my family it is also a time of reminiscing.

In our family we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. Last night we ate latkes and lit the first candle on our menorah. My husband’s grandmother was born and raised in Israel, her family immigrated from Poland and we enjoy being able to honor her and her family by keeping the family traditions alive. As Hanukkah comes to an end we will continue to honor and celebrate other traditions from Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, and England.

We talk about our ancestors, their religions, their traditions, and how they came to the USA and Canada. We look at our trees and how we are all connected. Some of the stories, pictures and recipes have been passed on, and for some I need to research a little more. I think of all the research my family and I have done over the years and how much simpler it is with online records!

I hope that as you go through this holiday season that you take some time to reflect on who/where you come from.

From my family to yours ~ Happy holidays!


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Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas to all you at Ancestry.com. I too reflect on all my German, English & Swedish traditions. If it wasn’t for Ancestry.com I would not have all those connections to my family. so thank you for this web site & all its information.

Nice hearing from you Anna! Thanks for sharing your holiday memories.

I’m from New England ancestry. At Thanksgiving we boil all the vegetables such as various squashes, onions, and potatoes. We start with a relish tray of celery, olives, etc. Desserts are pumpkin pie, mincemeat pie, and apple pie.

My Southern husband has sweet potato casserole, ham, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, and pecan pie in addition to the turkey.

Christmas is the same for us! I love hearing Handel’s Messiah, my favorite music! Mom and Dad would drag us to hear it. I’d look at the program and think these words are short and we’ll be out of here in a hurry. Not! The words were sung over and over. Haha! Again my fav!

Merry Christmas to Ancestry, to you Anna, and to our keying family!

Is there a problem with recording records entered? I have noticed that my totals are not reflective of the records entered so I have started counting Total from yesterday = 739 records entered/6502 total but despite – capturing 30 images and entering 33 individual records (BMD Belfast Telegraph) the end total was 759/6522 so something is wrong somewhere (wouldn’t be because I’m due a discount shortly so restricting my totals so I don’t meet the 900 in 90 days would it?!!! 🙁

Blessed Christmas and Hanukkah! I have been the researcher of my family tree (my forest!) since 1982. I began looking for my ancestor’s footfalls in our rural family cemetery with gravestone rubbing. I heard those whispers through the granite of those who shadowed the grounds I walked. I have loved the footpath I have been able to follow through to my 65th greats; they are not just names on a piece of paper to me; I have learned as well their daily ways; their challenges of living and making their lives better than the generation before them. I wonder of their faith that would see them rely on their spiritual beliefs during their struggles and their joys. Their ancestral traditions of foods and ways of life, which I now share with my children’s children. Ancestry.com has kept me company through my journey since Family Tree Maker of its infancy to the magic of researching in Ancestry.com. So, as we approach yet another Christmas season we are blest to know our past to be thankful for our present and prepare for our future.

Also have a query regarding the records entered like Anne Hastie. The last two i have done have entered 391 and 269 records and it states 44 and 50 total of 94.