Call for Reviewers

With all of the great contributors we have indexing we are seeing a backlog with review image sets.

If you have been indexing for a while, like to read the project instructions and would like to try your hand at reviewing please send us a message at


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Reader Comments

Maybe interested, what does reviewing exactly entail please

Would be interested in reviewing, however, my score has not been upgraded in a number of weeks, therefore I am not sure I would qualify. Is there any way I can get my scores updated? I would like to know that I am contributing useful material.

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I haven’t reviewed for a few months, not sure what this new sign in is?

I used to review all the time until I encountered problems submitting sets – over a year ago. Tried a few this week – can’t submit sets. Who do you contact about this? Tried twice on boards – that didn’t work. I’m tired of trying to submit and redoing sets and trying to submit…..

Janet, When encountering difficulties with the keying tool please contact

I haven’t keyed since before Covid and when I try to key again, the Available Projects” has nothing in it. How do I get started again? Thanks!

Keying this week, and all of sudden nothing except one project. Hoping everything okay. Thanks so much!