Keying Tool Updates

The last time you opened the tool you may have noticed that it took a little longer to load – last week we updated the tool, so when you opened the tool it went through an automatic update. 

Over the past few weeks we have received a lot of great feedback, and help tickets that helped us identify bugs in the software that needed to be fixed.  With the newest version of the tool, version, we have updated a few items and the following issues have been resolved:

Incorrect numbering after you delete a record
Error when submitting images with no data
Error after expired images notification
Error with Previous Field to Review not working
Error with Tip of the Day Example link
Error with Set form layout
Highlight going below viewable area
Unexpected Error when section is removed

Issues with the blog and statistics showing
Statistics issues
– not refreshing when logging in and out
– incorrect record count in My Stats

Issues with logging in
Unexpected Error when logging out

No desktop icon after installing the software
Uninstall doesn’t remove desktop shortcut
Uninstall not recognizing new Desktop Icon 

As we continue to work on the software and processes we appreciate your patience and continued feedback. If you encounter one of the errors listed above we ask that you send an email to worldarchivesproject at

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Reader Comments

Alabama State Census still has image highlighting issues. Hope this will be improved in the next update.

I agree concerning the Highlighter. Did get it to shrink to a reasonable size and it worked well until the names bunch up towards the bottom of the Alabama Census. Then it looses track, making you have to manuelly scroll the names down. Then it jumps up past the name you just did and you have to scoll down again. Would still like to see the ability to turn it off.
On a good note, I think what you are doing, with opening this type of project to the general Genealogy community is a wonderful thing. Thank you.

I too would like to see the ability to turn off the highlighter. It can be more of a hindrance than a help.

This has been a privilege and great fun! Keep those records coming.

I have tried to outwit the highlighter–sometimes it works. I agree with the others that it would be helpful to be able to turn it off, even if it means we would have to scroll down manually.

I also agree with the ability to turn off the highlighter but may have the ability to have a ruler to mark your spot as you scroll down. I sometimes work on the family search indexing project and it has a ruler you can use when the highlighter is not right.

I occasionally had to drag the highlighter, to adjust for inconsistent spacing between lines. Overall, I found it helpful when I scrolled up and down to compare letters because I didn’t lose my place.

When I try to download a project I receive an error called Unexpected Error and it won’t let me receive the project