New projects to key! Lorain County, Ohio, City Directories and Ohio State Directories

If you have enjoyed the Sands or Jacksonville Directories the Ohio projects will be right up your alley.  The directories are fun to key since not only do you see all of the neighbourhood but you also get to see the fun ads – since the projects span the first 6 decades of the 1900s it’s a walk down memory lane. 

If you would like to connect with others keying these projects visit the U.S. City Directories message board.  And for more information about this project visit the project pages, Ohio State Directories, 1902-1933 or Lorain County, Ohio, City Directories, 1903-1960.

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Reader Comments

I have just download 1 set and noticed that on numerous name lines the spouse or another person in the household is listed together. Do we record both folks on the same line or drop down a line and add the additional person listed? Please respond ASAP if possible as I’m waiting before I continue.

On the Business Name line. If there is more then one person listed along with their position within the company. Do we include them all on the same line? Example: Company Name; T J America, pres, A J America, v-pres


Company Name; T J America, pres
Company Name; A J America, v-pres

I received an answer concerning my question and posting it to assist anyone with the same concerns. Below is feed back instructions.

If the spouse is listed in parentheses next to the other spouse only the initial name should be keyed. If there are two people listed with one above the other but who presumably live in the same household both of these names should be keyed.

eg 1) Smith John (Mary)
– only Smith John would be keyed

eg 2) Smith John
Casper William
– both Smith John
and Casper William would be keyed on separate lines.

I am so excited to see something more from Ohio. Most of my family comes from or is still living in Ohio. This will be really fun for me. Who knows I might see some of my own family.

Thank you Bonnie! If you have additional questions please contact our support team,