New Version of the Keying Tool

Recently we released a new version of the keying tool that addressed the following items:

  • New Ancestry login requirements.  The new sign in process will lead you to Ancestry to enter your username and password.  If you encounter issues signing in to the tool open a new browser session and sign in to your Ancestry account to ensure you are using the correct username and password.  If you are still not able to sign in please contact us at
  • Fixing the Online Help and project page links.  Previously when Windows users clicked on the links for the project page or message board they were often lead to a blank page – this issue has been corrected.  If you encounter issues accessing the project page or other support articles please email

You can download the new version of the keying tool here,

There are still items that we are working on, most notably are your Records Keyed and Reviewed counts.  We appreciate your patience as we work with our development team to bring our statistics back online.

Thank you for your contributions to the World Archives Project!


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Reader Comments

I tried to download the new version of the tool, and took all steps as explained and it looked as if the tool had downloaded correctly. The keying tool screen format I could see, but no contents. I could download new sets, but they did not show up on the screen. I uninstalled the new version and now are working with the old version again.

I have to log in each time I open or close a set – its very irritating!

And not only that but my stats haven’t changed for weeks and weeks and weeks ….

Today I can’t download new image sets, it’s telling me that there is a problem with the time and date on my system. Any ideas of what’s going on? I had a full day to devote to keying in documents and can’t get any!

Must be a fluke but my new download is working just fine. From the project sets, I can easily access both the project instructions and messages.

My login is automatic and quick. It loads up without me doing anything.

Can’t wait for the stats to be corrected though. It seems like I key 100 records and it may add 2 or none. Review records’ count may be working for me though.

I feel for the rest of you having issues. Hopefully, we can all get back to normal soon.

Is there any help on here or is it just a place to moan? I’ve tried again to download image sets and again have got a pop up saying it can’t connect and blaming my system time & date settings. I need somebody to tell me what I can do as my settings are fine for time & date UK. I don’t seem to be able to find a help person for this project at all.

The Keying tool seems ok and the stats ok but a few weeks ago they were not showing correct. However the Survey that is sent about what has been keyed is rubbish because it doesn’t actually tel you what you have got wrong, for instance ‘not keyed as seen’ doesn’t help much does it when you think you have keyed as seen. If the comments were explicit then you would know what you are doing wrong and ensure its rectified on the next set.

Argh, I thought I had posted a few days ago. 😐

If you are having issues with the new version let’s do some trouble shooting.

1. Close the tool and try to sign in again. Restart your computer and try again.
2. Open an incognito/private window and try to sign in to If you are able to sign in you should be able to sign in to the keying tool. *If you are not able to sign in you can reset your username/password.
3. Try downloading the tool in admin mode

If these things don’t work send us an email and let us know:
1. What operating system are you using?
2. What issue are you having?
3. Are you getting an error? If so send a screen shot or be descriptive and tell us about the error.
4. Were you having issues prior to the new version?

There is a comments section that many reviewers use to provide more details. It is super helpful when that section is used.

I am also having issues with my stats not being updated. They WERE fine until this past week, now the total hasn’t moved, even though I’ve keyed over 300 records in that time.

Deborah, We are still working on fixing/updating the statistics. We are hopeful that it will be fixed in the coming months.

We feel the frustration of the community on this point – as we feel the same. We appreciate your contributions!

This is the first time I have tried to index any projects since the new version. I have downloaded the the Massachusetts, BMD Records 1700-1850. I can’t find any specific instructions for that project or messages. Do I need to download the new version?

I have to sign in everytime now but no problem. The problem I have is that I cannot download any projects, saying ‘timed out’. Had this problem earlier when uploaded back to you large files. Very frustrating

The keying tool is not responding. I have downloaded the repair and tried it twice without any change – still doesn’t work.
I had entered 12 records (having to count myself as the ‘counter’ still not working.
How do I resolve – should I remove the tool and reinstall?

Between the counter not working and these issues, wonder if worthwhile continuing!!

In the keying tool you can access the project instructions by opening the instructions and clicking on the project page link. The link for the Massachusetts Vitals is,

Are you still encountering difficulties with downloading batches?
If you are please send an email to

We continue to work on resolving the record counter and statistics.
What is happening when you open the keying tool? Please send us an email with more details,

I can’t login into the keying tool on my mac. i have deleted and downloaded the program several times. I have my a new browser session opened and am logged in to my account. When I select “connect to existing account” it seems that the program is trying to connect, but nothing happens. Then, I get an error message “cannot log in, the login process was cancelled”. This is extremely frustrating and happens a lot.

I am not able to submit my finished records.
australian newspapers for 13 august 1925.
These entries have a finish date of 11 may 2021.
Error starts with HTTP error. and anonymous user.