Happy Independence Day!

For those of us living in the U.S. this has likely been a busy weekend – a belated Happy Independence Day to everyone!  Our Fourth of July was filled with the Freedom Parade, family events, the obligatory fireworks and a lot of reflective thought.  As I watched the WWII veterans and currently serving soldiers go by in the parade I had a hard time holding back my emotions.  These men and women have given so much so we can all enjoy living in a free country, the ability to make decisions for ourselves, not really worrying about our safety, and the list goes on…      

My thoughts always tend to turn to records (likely a hazard of my job) and I thought about how a great way to celebrate what we have been given is by memorializing the lives of our service men and women.  Although we don’t have any WWII or more recent projects to key we do have 5 Returns from U.S. Military Posts spanning from 1800-1916, projects available, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, and Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, and MXB.  I also thought of the other projects going on around the country, not only to preserve paper records but also to video and voice record the stories of our military veterans – there is so much that we could give back.  I don’t feel that the price of our freedom can really be repaid but we can try!

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