A “new” USHMM project

Today brings us USHMM – Ukraine (Poland), Stanislav, List of Residents by Street, 1939-1945.   This is one of the projects we have been working to transition to the new tool.

This collection contains lists of residents from Stanislav.  It is considered advanced due to most of the records being in Polish – the forms are printed so information is easy to find.

Happy indexing!


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Reader Comments

Where are the project instructions and guidence?

I have recently keyed well over 1000 records. When ever I submit, my stats stay the same. They never change

Also, the keying too does not even show I am an active contributor

I just spent five days keying a set and when I went to submit it never showed that it was successfully submitted. The set just disappeared from my online dashboard. There were over 1200 records in that set. Please look into this.

Can I suggest that if you have specific issues, you actually email WAP about them. I’m not sure how often anyone monitors these comments. I sent a couple of emails about other issues I am having and had a reply, although it did take nearly two weeks for this to arrive.

Type your comment here.
I had read that keying stats were working again, but have just keyed 1450 records from 5 images and my ‘records keyed’ has not recognised the submission. Where have they gone?

I have emailed WAP. No responce

Further to my previous message at #5, I have some errors occurring with the Keying Tool and have tried to email WAP re these today. I have tried two different email addresses that I have for them, both this morning and this evening but all are being returned as unable to deliver.

I have this email address – it hasn’t returned. worldarchivessupport@ancestry.com

My stats are showing less than 10% of my submissions and I doubt that I still have the exceptional accuracy rating that is still present.
More importantly, THANK YOU! reviewers for your extremely valuable comments on the survey tab and THANK YOU! authors of help articles. Help articles are vastly improved in examples and instructions.

AWAP.. I have FB messaged several times regarding the error message I continually receive when trying to submit a finished review project. It seems quite apparent that the moderator of both forums does not consider the lack of response on their part to those of us who voluntarily contribute to your part. This new keying tool leaves one frustrated when appropriate guidance is not included in instructions as well as having someone to respond to our queries. It would be a shame to lose so many of us volunteer contributors, who have given hours, days, weeks and months to assist Ancestry with their goals. How about helping us to meet our goals? Quite frustrated at this time.

I have spent A LOT of time reviewing the Australian records project. However, I cannot seem submit record sets if they are too large. The small ones (5-100 records) seem to go through without a hitch, but the larger sets (1200+ records) give me an error. The error says my attempt has timed out. It makes sense that the larger record sets take longer to upload, but I would like my hours of work to mean something. I’m afraid the record sets will expire before I am able to submit them.

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone else fixed this problem?


Project instructions are here, https://support.ancestry.com/s/article/World-Archives-Project-USHMM-Ukraine-Poland-Stanislav-List-of-Residents-by-Street-1939-1945. The title of the project is hyperlinked to the article.

Patty, Linda, Ann, Lee, Karen,
The stats have not been consistent. We continue to work on all Keying tool related items.

Having once again checked a set of NSW records which are 5 pages of unclaimed letters I have found that they ‘Time Out’ when I try to submit them. This is an ongoing problem which needs resolving by WAP.
At the moment I am reticent to work on the project sets.

Malcolm, We are working on the timing out issue. Please post or send us the image set #. (worldarchivesproject@ancestry.com)