More projects are coming

Yikes! There isn’t anything to key.

We are working on getting many more projects in the tool but for now the next two coming soon are New South Wales, Australia, Government Gazettes, 1853-1899 (Part 3) and Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records .  An announcement will be posted when the projects become available in the keying tool.

Without you none of this would be possible.  Your support in indexing and patience as we go through renovations is appreciated.

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Reader Comments

Thank you for this update… true.. keying selections are pretty much nil.. but I have been keeping myself quite busy with reviewing Alabama keyed documents…. at least I feel like I am contributing after so many months ‘keyless in New Bern” !!! Karen

Keying the Surrey Regimental Rolls and yet again the tally of records keyed is not showing allthe records I indexed today. This has happened several times now. I hope more records come soon – I’ve missed the keying.

Will there be any USHMM projects in the near future?

There is nothing to key!!

Is there an update on when there will be records to key?

Still having an error when submitting a dataset when completed. Error pops up and then need to submit it again.

Dear AWAP Advisors… and here we are again.. waiting to be able to key projects but waiting again to have keyable documents presented by AWAP. It seems for the past 10-12 months we have waited and waited with either no updates of progress or promises of things to come. I would hate to think of the number of volunteer contributors you are losing because of project delays. Please, once again, let us know when to expect projects to be delivered for our data input. Thank you for your time and consideration. Contributor since 2010

I agree with Karen. AWAP is slowly dying before our eyes. Perhaps it just needs to be put out its misery

I agree with Karen Costello’s June 3, 2019 message. Responses to hers, and similar comments, are absent, or perhaps deleted, as mine was, without explanation.
Is there a blog FOR keyers? I would dearly appreciate that!

I would like to check the UK clergy to check on my guncle Henry Stringfellow LANCASTER time period 1910 -1929.

Is this possible??

Sounds great, but when will it happen? Are we going to have projects again or is everything going to paid keyers?

There is actually a new project now – NSW Government Gazettes part 3.

Good spot Kate! It’s getting on for nearly a year since we last did these – I’m having to keep the Project Instructions open on another Tab as they are so varied and there is a lot to remember,

Like Jeni I too have to keep the Project instructions open and am constantly referring to them. I hope that keyers and reviewers are doing likewise.
What happened to the announcement from WAP when the project became available for keying?

Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up

Well I managed to download some sets of NSW Giovt Gaazettes andthen was havingprobelems uploadingthem I just finished one f the large Land Registrations ets and just got the stupid error message te time clocks. Now I seem to be logged out of te WAP system – and cannot log back in again. To say I’m not happy ….
Anyone got any ideas?

Sorry for all my typos – I seem to have a sticky keyboard this morning!

I’ve got the system date and time message too, Jeni,so I guess we just have to wait till they fix it.

Sorry to hear that Kate – sadly I think we are in for along wait if others’ experiences and comments are anything to go by! I have emailed WAP, but not expecting a reply before the sets I have downloaded expire.

Hey. Is the Keying Tool Down?
It boots blank for me this morning.
I hope this means more images are being loaded so we can all go back to work.

Anna has posted re the problems lots of us are encountering – on the main WAP project comments thread

Problems: yesterday I could not log on at all.
Today I can, but the ‘download projects’ link isn’t working. I’ve tried several times.
When are the poor law projects coming, supposing I can ever get to the list of those available?
Also it’s showing the wrong date for when I started WAP keying – it was Dec. 2006.
Good luck!!

The “More Projects Blog” is the only one that is allowing me to leave a comment on. So I will. I am using the latest keying tool, however, my stats are still not up-dating for new records keyed. I just keyed about 30 records and my stats did not increase when I closed the image set without any error messages being received. So when will the stats reflect the work that is being done? I did notice that my stats are dropping as records I keyed more than 90 days ago ‘age out’.

I also noticed a comment from another person asking about getting some input on what errors were made in keying. I was extremely frustrated as I keyed many Alabama Surname Records, as an example. One reviewer said I was doing a Great Job (all Green) yet another said I was doing it all wrong (all red). How can you learn to meet the needs of the project and the reviewers if you have no detailed info as to what was keyed incorrectly?

Yes the stats are up the creek – I reckon I am many thousands wrong in total, but to be fair the only person who worries about this is me as I am now showing as under half a million total and that was a kind of milestone for me when I reached that. And my start date is way out too. Hopefully these will be fixed one day, but if not, c’estla vie.
It’s a shame you did not get more constructive coments on your Reviews Edna. That would either help you to realise you are doing something wrong or annoy you because you would see the Reviewer is not doing it correctly. It has happened to me too. But I always try to leave a comment when I review if I am marking something – I had one keeyer who was just making typos, so I noted that was the cause of their error,someone else was constantly missing the location, so I could note that rather than just “miss keying fields”. Being able to leave a comment is the best improvement (if we can call the rest improvements!) that they have made in this change. To be honest the other boxes are probably just for WAP stats and are not that helpful to the rest of us.