Wahoo! Contributor Stats Fixed

In the latest iteration of the tool you will most notably notice that records keyed and records reviewed are now captured in the correct category.

To download the newest version of the tool, v37, please copy and paste the appropriate link in your internet browser.





If you are having difficulties signing in to the tool check that you are using the correct username and password.  For those of us that aren’t sure what our password is you can follow the instructions in this article to reset it.

Please send feedback and questions to worldarchivesproject@ancestry.com.

Happy indexing!

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Reader Comments

Last week I submitted a set of Surrey Regimental Rolls, but only was credited with the entries on the last image.

Thanks for getting our stats back.
Mine look correct.
Also noticed I’ve been doing this for ten years now.

The ones I am keying and reviewing are now adding on correctly – but the totals are way out. I’m guessing we have to wait a while before that gets fixed.

I downloaded the new keying tool but I keep receiving the error message as follows: An error has occurred while communicating with Ancestry World Archives Project Services. How can I get this fixed??? I really want to contribute with the keying tool.

Can I please receive an email if there is a solution to the problem I commented on previously.

Seems this version of the keying tool (version I keep getting an error message after I am done with a keying set (either after keying a set OR reviewing one).

This is what the error message says :

The process cannot access the file
because it is being used by another process.

But after I select Ok on the Error message box and then select Submit Finished Image Set, it
gets uploaded without an error

This error message appears at random times with no definite pattern or reason.

I just dl’d my first image set from AWAP since October of 2018. Thank you for all your hard work.
I hope you are not finished with improvements on the keying tool itself. Maybe I have forgotten how to use F12. But it does not seem to function now. As much as I lamented its intrusion on my typing flow, I found the proper name suggestions invaluable when I was dealing with a geographic location that was not familiar to me. Maybe not now, but eventually: please write to us about the changes being made to the tool, such as discontinuing F12. Forgive me if I missed a previous posting about F12. I looked, but did not find it discussed.

I have been hearing about, and disagreeing with the TRUSTED KEYER concept since I began here in 2012. You must know that everyone who volunteers to key here can be trusted to do their best possible job and that we all should welcome meticulous reviews-experienced keyers as well as novices. Most, if not all of us depend on ANCESTRY databases to research our families. Keying errors are one of the greatest road blocks to knowing our lineages. Even the most experienced and accurate keyer can make mistakes. We all need to know that our safety net-careful and accurate reviews are there for all of us.

Those of you having problems downloading the new version of the tool.
Try uninstalling the old version (uninstall program) if you still have it.Then try again.
Just an idea.Might work.

With all the capture information that could be used for background information, will that be keyed in at some other time in a different format? We have ages and dates that don’t fall into the category’s listed that could be keyed.

I am receiving an error on login saying there is an error with my time settings. I am located in Eastern Australia. Help??

“error with my time settings”
I’ve had this error a couple of times. Check that your date and time are correct for your timezone (better still automatically synch with a timer website), then reboot.
It’s quite possibly that this is a rubbish error, and it may go away.

That didnt work. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice?

When submitting a finished image set after reviewing, I occasionally get an error message (“The process cannot access the file xxxx\Batch.xml.tmp because it is being used by another process.”). I can then submit the set OK from the Selection page.

Windows 10. This has only been happening with the latest version *v37).

some of my stats are missing. I know keying and reviewing together were more than a million records, but it only shows about 800.000 of them.

@Elisabeth – ditto! I guess there’s still a lot more to do with the Update going on. Hopefully it will all come right in the end.

I’m keying the Surrey Regimental Rolls. I dislike the format of the reviewers feedback, particularly the large red cross when I have something supposedly wrong. I say supposedly, today I got a comment that age should be in full years only, and yet the instructions clearly state, for that project, “Age

Key the age of the primary person as seen on the record. If present, age may be found next to the word “Age” or something similar. When the age column headers appear with pre-printed “Years” and “Months”, please key those values following the numeric ages that appear within those columns. For example, if ’20’ appears in the “Years” column, and ‘7’ appears in the “Months” column, the age should be keyed as “20 Years, 7 Months”.”
There have been other obvious contradictions between reviewers as well, but so far that is the most galling. Is there not some vetting method?
why is the “Contact Support” link not just that, rather than a link to FAQ’s? This seems to be the only recourse I have

Mark, the Field Help for age on that project were changed to the following very soon after the project was launched: “Key the age of the primary person, in years, as seen on the record. If present, age may be found next to the word ‘Age’ or something similar.”

Unfortunately WAP did not update the project instructions so they still show the old version. I believe that reviewers should accept ages keyed according to either sets of instructions but it seems that some are not doing this.

Also I see that the new keying tool still allows people to close the Field Helps. I have always said that the keying tool should not allow this, and then people would always be able to see the latest version of the Field Helps without having to make the decision to look them up.

I must apologise to Mark re the ‘age’ issue, if I have reviewed any of his image sets. I was working by the field help instructions and also past experience when the ‘age’ field has only ever been a numeric field. I will now continue (re Kate’s comment) and review in the manner that they have been keyed. Sorry to any keyers that have been affected. Will the instructions be amended to reflect the change in the field help?

I too am getting an error on login saying there is an error with my time settings. There is nothing wrong with my time settings. I’ve tried everything, including uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail. Has anyone else with this problem found a solution? Thanks!

Can someone please confirm which document type is to be chosen for blank pages. Some keyers are using ‘Capture’, others are using ‘Bad’. Thanks.

I have only seen keyers marking Blank pages as Capture, which is correct I think. “Bad”, as far as I know, should only be for images that have not been filmed correctly eg out of focus, large part6 cut off etc

just wondering why im only seeing one set of projects? Is there not anything other than the Surrey Regimental Rolls?

For the last two days, I have gotten an error message when submitting an imageset. Then the app clocks for 1-2 minutes and finally the imageset is still there. Then I submit it again and it works. Have not had this happen before.

Kindly please check my stats. I have submitted at least six, perhaps, many more since the total updated. Thanks

These comments are so valuable. I should check them daily. I think I know why my stats have not updated lately. It is because I had started over-keying the age incorrectly-too much information. I should have just entered the age in years and ignored the months.

I’ve downloaded the most recent version of the keying tool and keep getting an error message when I try click on “Download Image Sets”. My system clock settings are all automatic and correct for my location.
The error message is: “An error has occurred while communicating with the Ancestry World Archives Project services. A common culprit is your system date and time setting. Please check your system clock and try this operation again.”

Does anyone read the comments on this page? I am not trying to be rude but several people beside myself are getting the The error message: “An error has occurred while communicating with the Ancestry World Archives Project services. A common culprit is your system date and time setting. Please check your system clock and try this operation again.”

Only 1 person has provided anything on this and their solution did not work. Is this being addressed by the creators of the tool at all? If someone could tell us what our system time and date should be to make this work, it would be extremely helpful.

We love being able to contribute by keying but this new keying tool is not allowing us to do that.

I’m not sure how often anyone from WAP does check these comments, either here or on the message boards. If you have a specific problem can I suggest you email on the address given at the top. I have a bit of a problem and notified it, but it did take some days for that to be answered.

*Possible Error Message Solution*
OK, so I was getting the error message saying “An error has occurred while communicating with the Ancestry World Archives Project services. A common culprit is your system date and time setting. Please check your system clock and try this operation again.”
Just on the off chance it would work, today I clicked on File -> Log Out and then signed in again using my username (not my email address) and password. It worked! I actually had information on the screen and in the newsfeed – and my stats on the right! The first time I clicked on Download Image Sets, it timed out and brought up a very long error message, so I closed the dialogue box and tried again, and lo and behold I’m in!!

I downloaded the new keying tool and thought I downloaded an image set, but it’s not there. I can’t click on the Enter Data tab, it’s greyed out. Are you having an issue with the keying tool? I’ve restarted my PC, opened the program and downloaded image set again, and still nothing. I’ve done this before, so I know how it should work. Any suggestions on what I can do? Or, is there a problem on your end with this tool today?