Next iteration of the keying tool

To download or update your current version of the tool click on the appropriate link below.

(To ensure you are on the latest version of the tool for Windows click on Help then About, and for Mac right click on Keying Tool then About Keying Tool.)
What is new in this version:
  • Addition of the Instructions link on the data entry screen. This will open the Project Instructions – in the Project Instructions you will find links to the project article on Ancestry and the message board.
  • Removal of the See Example links.

You have also likely noticed the addition of your overall contribution totals.  We continue to work on these stats and ensuring that record counts are correctly attributed.

Thank you for your continued efforts in both providing feedback and indexing!

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Reader Comments

I really like the new keying tool. It’s more user friendly than the original. If you browse the image to be keyed (such as enlarging), it keeps that setting until you are ready to key it or review it. I also likes that it keeps the shading of the records that you have reviewed, so you don’t have to put x’s to mark your spot.

I’ve just completed reviewing 2 files. In MY STATS it shows that I have keyed 5 lines not Reviewed them.

I also had the same problem as David Sankson where the reviewing figures were added to the keying figures.

Can you replace the download page that is sitting there promising its return in – what was it, October or November? – with a link to this one? Or do you want to wait to have the beta testing all done first?

As for the tool itself, I like how it works, as well. I’m glad the F3 is still there. Don’t know about F7 yet, as I luckily haven’t run across one that I’ve had to tell “yes, it IS correct” yet. As for the other workings of it, I have nothing I’ve run across to complain about, yet!

Further to my previous comment. On reviewing a further document. On the page it shows for review as 0.
I had cause to make some changes, on the stats it shows as keyed but the ones I changed are listed as reviewed. Hope this makes sense.

I have problems with Win 10 and also with macOS Sierra 10.12.6. An error appears regarding the updating of the clock but both, on PC and on Mac, everything is updated :-(.

The most common reason for that error is that the username and password are not correct. Are you able to sign into Ancestry with the username and password you’re using? Please send a follow-up email to

When I click on ‘Read the Project Instructions *Here*’ on the dialog in the keying tool, it opens the page in IE, even though my default browser is Firefox and IE is apparently deprecated by MS and replaced by the unimpressive Edge.

I removed the old version and the update only gives me errors. When I click on the download from Ancestry it states WE’LL BE BACK SOON.

I’m also experiencing the wrong stats. I’ve reviewed 2369 records and the stats show 1721 keyed and 648 reviewed.

NOTE: still experiencing stats not being updated with new keying tool upload. As well as no project % stats. Thank you for your time and consideration. Karen

Will not let me open up the keying Tool, it says An Unexpected problem has ocurred. Log was created.

I had to take a break from transcribing for a while & am now able to start doing it again. Every time I try to go to the AWAP page it tells me “We’ll be back soon” & will be offline until October? Is that October of 2019 or was it supposed to have been completed in 2018 & is delayed? I really don’t want to have to wait until October to start keying again. 🙁 It does the same thing when I try to download the software for the World Memory Project.

Jodi – you need to download a new version of the Keying Tool. There is now a newer one than that shown on this Blog page, just click on the header above and go to the latest post. This is only a Beta version we are all testing; not sure when WAP will finish and issue the final version but you cannot download it from the main Ancestry page. Also we only have a couple of Projects at the moment, so the one you wish to key is probably not available yet.

What a happy circumstance that I decided to check the status of the WAP tool! I had not realized it was up and running. I love contributing to the archives and am looking forward to getting my stats back up.

I had no trouble using AWAP last week and I have the latest version. The last few days I keep getting the following error message. There is nothing wrong with my computer date and time or anything else.

Login Failed
An error has occurred while communicating with the Ancestry World
Archives Project services. A common culprit is your system date and
time setting. Please check your system clock and try this operation

I have tried to get back into keying on the AWAP but cannot seem to get back in. Any ideas, I seem to be going round in circles trying