And…the time is finally here!

We are in open beta testing.  To download the new tool, click on the appropriate link below.


You will see the file download and then will have to click on the downloaded file to complete the install process.

Most notable updates are:

  • New sign in screen and updated look of the tool.
  • Feedback on each image set as it is reviewed. When you are in the main screen of the tool you can toggle between Newsfeed and Survey to see feedback from the reviewer.

Currently there is only one project available to download, the Alabama Surname Files.  More projects will be added over the coming week.

Issues we are working on:

  • Removing the faulty “See example” links from the Field Helps.
  • Making the Project Instructions more accessible.
  • Adding in validations – this is what ensures you don’t enter digits in a name field or enter a 3-digit day.
  • Stats. Showing accumulative stats in the keying tool.
  • The online Dashboard will remain down until we are out of beta testing.

We are excited to hear from you.  Please send questions and feedback to



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Reader Comments

Just downloaded it, and it opens (always a great start!). I like the newsfeed/survey idea. I’ll wait for some other projects to appear and then try it out.

I just knew when I awakened this morning on our blue-skied, sunny Carolina coast that March 4th would be a !great! day…and so it is with AWAP Beta being introduced. I have downloaded and anxious to get started again after all these months. Thank you team for all your exhausting efforts!

I am new to keying with Ancestry. I must say I found it difficult to use as compared to other keying projects for which I have been involved. It was not clear whether I am allowed to “compute” a date of birth (based on info given in article), or only if actual date was given. When I clicked help it showed no help available.

I cannot type in the age – 26 – it gives me a range of 20 or 20 1/2, etc.

Per age: I can’t just type in the age? I have to stop and choose it from a drop-down list? Don’t like this option at all.

We are working on the Help features. This is one reason we are limiting the projects available.
The Age is unfortunately a set-up issue. We added a dictionary and it is causing intermittent difficulties with entering the age. I have not had difficulties with the age myself.

Have tried installing on Windows 10, but receive message that there was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete the installation. Probably a security issue with Win 10, but I can’t remember how to correct. Thanks.

Download was easy and opened with no problem. Installed on Windows 7 computer.

Found when keying in the death date of “78”, it would appear as 75 whether I used the keyboard or ten key pad. Had to key in “758” and then delete the “5”.

There also appears to be an extraneous “Given” field as the very last column for data entry on the Alabama Surname Project.

Also I was surprised that the initial entry was Surname then Suffix. Why no entry of Given name?

You need a few more form formats to choose from such as “Blank” or “Section Name/Header”. There was one image of just a handwritten Name to indicate that the new images were for the surname McCarson. None of the three for types available worked so I selected “Capture”.

Edna, you should click and drag the Given Name field in the header over to the left till it is next to the Surname field. Although the project is Alabama Surname Files, we are actually keying the Given Name too.

Whoopee! Today the age format worked perfectly. Didn’t have to use drop down list.

I think we should explain ‘Capture’ since nobody seems to be using it. I just reviewed ten sets and keyer(s) never used it.

Moved both the “Given” and “Prefix” fields from the end of the data fields to the beginning of the data fields. Wasn’t too sure what position to put the “Prefix” field in. Will having to rearrange the keying fields continue on future projects?

Also, logged out of the Keying Tool and when I logged on again to get back into the Keying Tool there is only one project available with 1 image – “USHMM – UNRRA Records, Switzerland 1943 – 1947”. I cleared all Filter,s and it is still the only project displayed. What happened to the Alabama Surname Project that I was just keying a few minutes ago?

I rebooted my computer and logged into the Keying Tool again. The Alabama Surname Files now appears in the “Download Image” Section along with the extraneous 1 image “USHMM – UNRRA Records, Switzerland 1943 – 1947″. I downloaded another image set from the Alabama Surname File and had no input issues.

I also received Feedback on one image set that I keyed probablyon 3/4/19. Nice feature.

Hope the “My Stats” Section is fixed soon to display the accumulative stats.

Well, good to be back, WAP! Downloaded and running (Win10). I have noticed a slight problem that sets when completed are not immediately showing as completed – and NOT submitted. Eventually they’ll show as ready to submit and I can so do.

The old annoying click is back or never went away.

I very much like the use of “Capture” instead of having to explain over and over what “Cover Page” was to be used for. Can’t wait to use “Bad”.

I have been keying for quite a while now and was so annoyed that when I went to download new keying tool it tells me that ‘The installation package is not supported by this processor type’! aarrgghh
Any thoughts as to what I need to do?

Edna, You caught us during the short time I pulled the project back to make updates on the Alabama project. I removed the dictionaries from the age field and removed the default form type.

I miss the wiki for questions specific to the individual project. I managed to figure out the answer to one of my questions by the survey feedback. But where should we ask specific questions??

Your links are not working in Chrome. I had to copy the link from Chrome and switch to Microsoft Edge to get here.

I don’t normally use Edge. Are you going to fix this?

@Mel Beard – we can still use the WAP Message Boards:

I have just had one set of records that were all either Microfilm Targets or Blank pages. We no longer have a “Nothing to Key” option so had to mark them all as Capture as they were not duplicates or Bad Images. Possible to reinstate something to cover this?

Have been trying to get into the keying tool, but I get an error message telling me I should check my system time and date. I have tried re-loading and reinstalling and don’t seem to get anywhere (same message). (I’m using Windows 10). Any ideas? I was looking forward to doing some keying again but can’t seem to figure out how to get in. 🙁

I am also unable to log in through the beta app. It responds with the same-old error message implying the fault lies with my computer time/date, which past experience has shown to be entirely misleading. I am able to login on the web site through a browser, so it is not a problem with my username/passwd either

@Mel Beard (17)- there are still the WAP message boards to ask questions, exchange info etc. I tried to post a link to these earlier but apparently you can’t do that and they just get deleted.

Will the old links to the other keying tool be removed and/or updated to reflect this website?
I have to look at numerous urls (searched using firefox the following :
ancestry keying tool (nope!)
ancestry volunteer keying tool (nope)
ancestry keying tool blog (yep – sorta. first link is the old one – 2nd link shown goes to the correct blog and then eventually find the keying tool)