Happy New Years!

2019 will definitely bring us…

  • improved keying tool
  • new indexing projects
  • return of Challenges

As to when this will happen, that is still uncertain.  We continue to work diligently to get to the beta stage but are not there yet.

When we have a beta version of the tool an email will be sent to contributors who were active in the fall before we took the tool offline.



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Reader Comments

Thanks for the update! Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to the changes and getting back to work!

Could I get added to the beta list as well? I’m a cyclical contributor, but consistent! (I’m a Mac user as well, if that counts for anything…)

Type your comment here.Could I also get added to the beta list as well. ( I am also a Mac user)


I would like to be added to the beta list too.


I have been through a similar project with Kaiser Permanente. They spent over $4 billion, more than 10 years, and at least 20 different corporate teams before they began to make real progress. They also had to stop taking suggestions for changes or at least severely limit changes, in the program, until beta testing was complete. Perhaps your process is in need of a new team, or limiting changes to the programs to allow the people writing the code a chance to get to beta testing.

Please add ginleepa to the beta testing list. Thank you.

I’d like to be added to the beta… Thank you, and Happy New Year!! Looking forward to the update!

I’ve given up. It was only supposed to be a couple of months.

Add me to your list to notify. I did not participate in the fall but have now had cataract surgery and am ready to restart. your comment here.

Please can I be added to your beta list
Hope the keying tool will be back up again very soon!!

When will this be back up?

I’d also like to get added to the beta list. I’m also a cyclical contributor and have been actively involved for many years. The first part of the year is when I usually have most time and as a retired person with no income it helps with my subscription each March. I hope if it’s not up and running soon, that my active contribution over many years will be honored.
Thanks, Barbara

Looking forward to be up and running. Winter months are the best for me to work on projects, so it was sad to see it was going to be awhile longer. Would love to be added to the beta list

I’d like to be added to the beta list – really missing keying

Really hoping for an update soon. I enjoyed doing record keying so much and can’t wait to do it again.