What is taking so long?!

I am with all of you – I want the keying tool back!  Although I am in the thick of it with hours spent daily working on  testing and in meetings I am ready to get back to indexing and answering project questions.

By way of explanation for why it is taking so long…

I had forgotten how complicated the backend is since the keying tool is pretty straight forward.  In addition to rewriting the code to bring it out of the dark ages we also asked for a facelift, a few enhancements (in the tool, reporting, management tools), and updates (no more old tips coming up while you wait for image sets to download).  In the end if all had gone as planned we would now be ready to be out of beta testing and finalizing everything.  As it turns out we hit some road blocks and we are still in testing on the tool and getting the backend finalized.  We are hopeful to have beta testing, open to the community, in a few more weeks and tool finalized in the new year.

In answer to some of the questions I have been asked…

  • If your Ancestry subscription was up for renewal we will honor the discount if you had been active prior to our taking the tool offline.
  • As mentioned above my best guess is that we will be ready to go in the new year.
  • Will we have new projects? Yes!  We have a handful of projects that are set to launch in January and February.

Please email worldarchivesproject@ancestry.com if you have comments/questions or run into difficulties receiving the discount.

I know that asking you to hang on during this time is a lot to ask and I am in awe of the support of the community.  Thank you for your continued patience.


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Reader Comments

Having severe keying withdrawals, and I am so appreciative of the updates towards getting the keying tool back online.

We’re all having withdrawals! Thanks for the further update and fingers crossed we can spend some of the holiday period on keying.

Thanks for the update.Not shocked it took longer than expected.
I don’t know anything about coding.But I trust that it’s better to get it right than put it out still buggy.
If anyone really wants to work on something; FamilySearch.Org has an indexing project for volunteers.
I hope it’s ok to mention that.

It is now December 15, 2 weeks from the last update. Any updates from anywhere?

Since Ancestry is having issues. Maybe they can add this event to their time line?
– * – * – * – * –
The great depression of 2018, 12 month key tool delay. Key loggers in the 100’s went dark and data was left to gather dust on the shelves .. never to be seen again.
– * – * – * – * –
In Memorial – The keying tool, we had some good times together, many laughs, many cries and together we uncovered many mysteries that will be ever remembered across the world.
– * – * – * – * –
When the 2018 comes to a close and the New Year awakes I will make one last toast to you and close that chapter also. So long, Adieu, Farewell, Au revoir, auf wiedersehen!
– * – * – * – * –

I just finished teaching a Holocaust unit with my Sophomores and had planned to have all of them participate in this project! I hope it gets up and running soon!

Oh I do hope we can get back to inputting soon.

I am having serious withdrawal symptoms.

Merry Christmas Everyone

I realized I had not checked the status for a while and thought I might have missed the release! So I guess I’m thankful that I did not miss it and hope to see the keying tool in its new improved state soon! With a MS in Computer Science, I know how what looks simple at first can end up being a lot more complicated.