Keying tool status

We are still working on getting the new tool to beta stage for testing.  Sadly there were some backend issues we ran into that have put us behind.  We don’t have a set date yet for the beta release but we know it will be a few more weeks.

We are feeling the crunch and appreciate the support we have received as we move toward the new tool being released.

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Reader Comments

I want to see my native american percentage, not just migration group.
I want to see native marriages and reservation locations of my native ancestor’s.
Just showing my European Ancestry is borderline racist.

I am sure that Ancestry would love to have all the records in the world on their website but as I understand it not all the owners of these records wish to have them on-line and negotiations have to be made.

Thanks for the update: of course it is disappointing that we will have to wait a few more week but changes like this are complicated and take time. Hope it all goes well.

Thanks for the update.

So still no keying at all? Does “beta stage” mean that it won’t be available to everyone when ever it is ready?

Thanks for the update! I hope it will be up soon! I am going a bit stir crazy without it lol

Type your comment here.I’m up for renewal in December. Will the Indexing being down affect my getting a discount for indexing World Archives Project.

Having bad withdrawals 🙁 I had to cancel my Ancestry subscription (silly me never called to get my discount) Look forward to keying again

@Ancestry, Do you have any updates so far? Im with Erin.. going to go and cancel. I cant afford to support your Ancestry habit and mine at the same time with the holidays creeping up fast.. Its either buy unwanted family Xmas gifts or pay for a Ancestry account..

Thanks for the update.

Do we have any updates yet? There has been no replies to no one any where? Nothing on Twitter. Nothing on the blog. And now November 26. Does Ancestry need help coding the new key tool? My 10 year old knows java,c, c++ and and much more. If that doesn’t work “5’er” coders are only 5 bucks..

I’m with everyone else though – its time to jump ship. I can’t wait for Ancestry to stop twiddling their fingers hoping for a miracle. If you can’t get the new keying tool working, put the old one back up.

With me providing Ancestry with data, be it history, articles, papers, images, portraits, transcribing …. etc.. and them collecting the big bucks.. it’s not worth my personal information, my time or stress to worry over when they will get around to fixing the keying tool.. ANCESTRY IS STILL GETTING PAID – WE ARE NOT!!

Any update on the status of the data keying tool since your November 7th post?