Three new projects!

From Australia, to the Ukraine, then on the UK we are traveling the globe with these new projects.

The Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 will be familiar as we have keyed similar newspaper projects in the past.  There will be some image sets without records to index – we opted for fewer images/image set so the indexing didn’t become overwhelming.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

On to the Ukraine with the USHMM – Ukraine, Applications for ID for the Citizens of Stanislav, 1939-1945 records.  These records are in Ukranian and can be difficult to read – for this reason this project is advanced.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

And finally we land in the UK with the West Midlands, England, Criminal Registers.  Criminal records are always fun and these are even moreso as many have images.  There are quite a few different record formats so reviewing the sample images will be helpful.  Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

Happy indexing!


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Reader Comments

West Midlands Criminal Records – On the keying examples there are a couple of Indexes shown under “Image with No Data”. Should these not be under “Cover Page”?

Actually, Jeni, they should be “Index” form type, as it is an option in the keying tool for this project, but it isn’t even mentioned in the project instructions!

Jeni, Kate,
We are working to correct this. The images are indeed for the index form type.

Index: Images of an internal index. An Index usually contains names (often in alphabetical order) with a corresponding page number so as to find the individual listed. Some indexes have alphabetical tabs on the right or left margin.

For Australia Newspaper vital records — are we to key each entry, even though names are duplicated? In the last version, we could combine the information from all into one record. (The link to the discussion page is not working.)

Can you correct the link from the Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 Project Page to its message board? When you select the link to the message board from the page the message “The request board has been deleted” appears.

USHMM – Ukraine, Applications for ID for the Citizens of Stanislav, 1939-194
It saysthe records are in ukrainian. As Stanislav was at that time part of Poland, the records are in Polish.

I keep getting Script Errors when I try to “See Example” and I can’t seem to find any help. I am on a Windows 10 PC with the latest version of the keying tool.

I have just clicked on the download Project sets. There are 7 projects shown. The ‘West Midlands Criminal Records’ is not listed.